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Zoom has jump-started our communications abilities. With it, we were able to condense multiple different platforms and technologies (each of differing levels of complexity, cost, and ease-of-use) into one simple solution.
Stefan Scherbik
We have increased the active communication rate using traditional communication tools from approximately 10% to 29%.
William Dalton
Trend Micro
We notice a difference in user behavior. Users are far more likely to use video. Another key change is that users are staying at their desks and using their webcams instead of walking to conference rooms.
George Ou
Silicon Graphics, Inc.
We are reaching more external parties and have better internal collaboration with greater fidelity than ever before.
Brett Ortega
American Baptist Homes of the West
Zoom has reduced our travel costs by more than 70%, allowing staff from various and distant business sites to participate in trainings, meetings and team collaborations. Zoom has brought social media into our business in a very positive way, and our employees love it.
Diana Deitrick
Devereux Foundation
By using Zoom, we are paying the same amount as before, but we're able to roll the product out to 5 times as many people. Our organization has satellite campuses and Zoom allows us to have face to face meetings without incurring the costs of car rentals and travel.
Mike Mills
Northern Arizona Healthcare
Zoom has made communication much easier, especially when working with our remote offices.
Landon Orr
Qualtrics USA
In a review of our video conferencing usage, we found that in a 6 month time frame only 400 minutes were used on our Polycom system. In one month of using Zoom we did 127,000 meeting minutes. Zoom has saved the company thousands in travel cost.
David Fearing
Zoom has made it easier to connect all of our locations and train our people. Financial plan sales have gone up since using Zoom now that our advisors can meet with clients who would normally be out of our locale.
Chelsea Gammon
McAdam Financial
This easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage application has saved our Agency time and money compared to our old video conferencing solution. Overall I feel that our agency is more productive using Zoom in our day to day business operations!
Eddie Hanson
Colorado Department of Transportation
Great software at an excellent price point. Also, ongoing development which is incredibly important.
David Cash
DEKRA Insight
Zoom saved our global brand over $50,000 in travel costs alone within the first month of service activation.
Jessica Deal
Element Brand
We freaking love this product. We have been able to work together remotely on edit revisions in a way that could revolutionize our business. Having an East coast and West coast production office feels much more doable now. Zoom works.
Tripp Crosby
Green Tricycle Studios
 HolisticOther Online Meeting SolutionsOther Video Conferencing Solutions
Ease of useBest
Video qualityBest
Screen sharing qualityBest
Audio qualityBest
Cross-platform group messaging with push-to-talkYesNoNo
Mobile collaboration with co-annotationsYesNoNo
iPhone/iPad Screen SharingYesNoNo
Share computer audio during screen sharingYesNoNo
MP4 recording of video or shared contentYesNoNo
Native H.323/SIP video endpoints integrationYesNoLimited
Global teleconferencingFree
On-premise deployment optionFreeNoVery expensive
Monthly plan$22.99 AUExpensiveVery expensive


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JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
JAS Worldwide Management, Inc.
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