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Technology has changed significantly over time, and has revolutionized the way organizations conduct their business. One of the key changes technology has made in business operations is the ability to use webcasting to hold a conference with multiple people who are in different locations over the Internet. Webcasts allow organizations to reach out to potential customers’ leads, connect with existing customers, and collaborate with team members. This not only helps to improve productivity, but also saves time and money by reducing the need to travel to participate in the meeting. In addition, webcasts that are saved and shared with participants also makes it possible for multiple people to view in the future, through other sources, like YouTube.

A Webcast Defined

In simplest terms, a webcast is a presentation that is conducted over the Internet. A benefit of a webcast is that participants can watch the presentation from multiple locations, ask questions of the presenter, and even engage with other participants as part of the webcast. Webcasts have become so popular in the business world; they have now also begun to be used in other areas, like education as well. This has been largely a result of one of the benefits of using certain platform’s ability for participants to join the presentation from a variety of different devices. Zoom meetings makes it possible for participants to join using their MAC or Windows based computer or laptop, or iOS and Android mobile device.

How Webcasting Works

When hosting a webcast using Zoom meetings, it is pretty much the same process as hosting other online meetings. The host invites attendees to the presentation using the email invite available through Zoom, and can even add a participant after the meeting has started if necessary. Once the meeting starts, the presenter is able to either speak to the attendees using a video and audio feed, and when appropriate, the attendees are also able to collaborate with other attendees. An added benefit of Zoom meetings is the ability to use the screen sharing toll to allow all of the attendees the ability to see the presenters screen. This makes it particularly easy to show powerpoint presentations, videos, or other details with everyone participating.

Saving Webcasts with Zoom

Often times, webcasts are presented to a smaller number of attendees, and then saved to be viewed at a later point in time for a larger number of viewers. While this does not permit future viewers from being able to actively participate in discussion or asking questions of the presenter, it does save time from the presenter from having to give the same presentation multiple times. Zoom meetings are able to be saved either locally onto the organization’s server or in the “cloud” depending on the size and program plan for hosting the meeting. The webcast can then be streamed by future viewers, making it possible to distribute the information to multiple employees for training needs, potential investors, or even customers to promote a new product line or service.

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