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Dolby’s innovations work wonders with Zoom

Dolby innovations have again and again opened new opportunities in broadcast sound, home theater, and cinema. Presently, they have implemented their years of audio knowledge into developing video conferencing and conference calls.

We know as everyone that each of those visible cues does not really mean much except you could hear clearly what the presenter is saying. Once we discovered that Dolby had absolutely redeveloped the conference call, we then decided to intensify all our devices with their trailblazing Dolby audio innovation.

Web Conferencing has gone beyond just connecting humans. Dolby audio is a software program solution that uses refined network processing to put off technology boundaries that make conventional conferencing solutions distracting, difficult to follow and noisy. You can then focus fully on the business rather than being distracted by the connection.

With Dolby audio, you will be able to contribute spontaneously and naturally to the discussion, experience a real feel of participation, and realize that you are being heard. Here are some of the outcomes of using Dolby’s voice in online video conferences:

Adjust to locations and places automatically

The Complete-room pickup catches both distant and near voices, as well as overlapping speech, which enables more natural communication. Its dynamic leveling differentiates between background noise and talkers and it also increases the sound of distant or quiet voices to make sure everybody hears, even in places with bad acoustics.

Audio is further enhanced by Dolby Voice service

Including Dolby Voice facilitated service from main providers gives a high-quality audio which is better than allowing participants to use voice placement: every speaker’s voice is produced from a unique place, thereby making it less difficult to follow the discussion and pay attention to the business at hand.

Easy consumer experience in an efficient design

Customizable applications and spontaneous touch-screen controls make it simple to start, be a part of, and run conferences, so that you can start your meetings faster. Conference phone may even be used as the only interface for screen sharing, video conferencing, and audio conferencing.

Works with present IT Structure and equipment

Integration of Dolby Voice and Zoom will leverage your investment with the leading communications of web and video conferencing solutions. Attending conferences with Dolby Voice enabled laptop and cell phones and the Zoom gives the best experience.

In the end, the aim of the integration between Zoom and Dolby Voice is to provide a purely unified video collaboration. By implementing Dolby’s audio equipment, we are making it feasible for everyone all around the globe to work together, and also enjoy the same flow and feel that face-to-face conferences provide.

The Zoom does wonders! And by adding the Dolby’s voice, the audio becomes incredible. We are making your group conferences more enjoyable and productive.

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