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No one likes it when your software for video conferencing is challenging to understand and create things with. It not only makes it challenging to those learning how to work the program, but can even create problems for those who already know how to work the video conferencing technology.  For example, an unknown error can occur, or pairing with a new device is not linking correctly.  To combat these unwanted problems in video conferencing, the Zoom video conferencing platform deployed by Holistic Communications was created using calm technology.

What is calm technology?

Calm technology is a principle that the software you are using is easy to use and help you finish your task instead of hindering it as well as a minimalistic approach to technology solving our problems.  The software, in this case, a video conference app, has an easy to use interface and makes sure that setting up and creating your content takes little to no effort in less time than technology that is considered to be more hectic.  The use of calm technology allows the user to spend more time on what counts outside of the software.

Calm technology does make a difference in how we interact with video conference technology and by creating an easy to use software or piece of at home technology (like a tea kettle ), however, calm technology also includes “Calm Communications.” With calm communications, status tones become softer and less harsh while a status shout keeps you alert. The use of calm communications also means that there are fewer popup windows when using your software and if there is a change in the situation like your earphones become disconnected from your phone, there is a delay until the problem is fixed

At Holistic Communications, they strive to provide an easy to use app that puts your conversation and content at the top of priority list.  Zoom is this app.  With Zoom, creating a video conference or a webinar has never been easier. Connecting and joining one another no matter where they are, has never been so effortless. Along with the calm technology that Holistic Communications uses, they also mix in calm communications into the Zoom app. Zoom is easy to use and will bring peace of mind to your enterprise or business no matter the size.  Less stress due to your video conferencing and communications software means that you, your team and your clients can have more time to focus on other projects and ideas that need a bit more time and effort.

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