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Gone are the days of sitting in an office with one or more people, palms sweating, a huge bundle of nerves welling in your stomach, and handing out your resume to anyone who would take it from you as you stood to leave, still going over the answers you gave and hating yourself for every one of them. Today, a lot of companies are performing recruitment and job interviews via zoom video conferencing and web or online video chats with perspective clients. Technology has come a long way from even a decade ago but one thing remains the same. The candidate must be prepared both psychologically and professionally either way, whether being interviewed or recruited in person or while sitting in your own living room (hopefully not in your pajamas). Using the technologically advanced video conferencing equipment by these progressive corporations does not mean they are less professional or not noticing the little nuances of your demeanor as you speak about your experiences as a web developer or graphic designer. Quite the contrary actually, these companies are usually the opposite, those who use highly advanced video conferencing equipment to interview and recruit potential employees are more progressive, aggressive in the mainstream and tend to be less inclined to deal with those who are not driven, motivated and career minded.

Starting Early

There are many colleges who believe in the video conference interviewing process and some even take online video resumes and have video conferencing facilities on their college campuses to accommodate these types of programs and participation practices. The video conferencing interview and recruitment process saves potential college attendees, employees from professors, support staff etc., college campuses and other potential candidates a ton of money and a lot of wasted time and effort. If you consider the global considerations of many students, faculty, employment opportunities and other factors, and if you were to have to bring each and every potential applicant in for an interview, or have a recruiter contact and then meet with them, the effort, cost and time would far outweigh the rewards of simply meeting online or virtually with the potential candidate.

Fish in a Barrel?

It was once thought that finding good talent or good help was like finding a needle in a haystack. Now, with the help of video conferencing hardware and equipment such as Zoom, it is more like shooting fish in a barrel, much easier indeed. It almost seems that as the virtual world is brought closer to home the whole world is smaller somehow. Geographically talent is brought closer to us virtually via online video conferencing and face to face chat sessions. Zoom, powered by Holistic Communications, you can interview or recruit your next potential client or employee from anywhere in the world, get the talent you require, and meet with them whenever you need to, and save money and time while doing it. Using all in one communication software solution strategy such as Zoom will give you the power you need to save much need time, money and effort while providing your business with the talent, efficiency and productivity it needs. Get your free trial of Zoom from Holistic Communications today!

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