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Why Choose Zoom

While using Zoom, most of the users prefer using Logitech, the largest producer of high definition camera which can make all the difference in your huddle room. Businesses can rely on the best communications platform and video conferencing method. Zoom has the ability to offer your company the following benefits:

  • Mobile Video Conferencing
  • Wireless
  • Video and Web Conferencing
  • Personalized Video Conference Zoom Rooms
  • Business Presence and Chat ability
  • Creating a visual appealing Huddle Room to Host your Business Meetings in

Huddle Rooms

Are you wondering what in the world is a Huddle room? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s what is trending now in all the up and coming businesses and what is making businesses a success by enabling them to communicate with other companies worldwide. No matter the size of one’s business, collaborative working areas, or huddle rooms, have become the most productive work space in one’s office. Designed with the idea of teamwork in mind and with the ability for video and web conferencing, huddle rooms do not have to be spacious, but should offer a certain style.

The objective is to find a small area in the office and designate it as the huddle room. Next design just that space with a unique style that is creative and expresses the differences of one’s business. Huddle rooms are small but should include some key elements to make them professional and insure one’s company gets optimum results.

  • Seating and table for up to five
  • As big a screen as the company budget allows. Video conferencing is way more pleasant when all involved can see one another rather than trying to look at a tiny laptop.
  • Whiteboards are handy tools for brainstorming, visualizing and modifying ideas.
  • Find a way to create a space with good Acoustics that doesn’t pick up outside noise. Also, invest in a professional Microphone, which will increase the sound quality during a video conferencing.
  • Finally, lighting of the huddle room is important during video conference calls. While natural light is best, at particular times of day, it may not be the optimum choice. In these cases, have lamps with soft lighting available that don’t put off too much of a glare.
  • And remember for all your Video Webinars and Video conferencing needs, Zoom will be right there with a live agent to help out if need be. They have 24/7 customer service to help you with your Huddle Room.

The Benefits of a Huddle Room

  • They provide an environment of bonding – Distractions and noise prevent collaboration and productivity, by offering a room where teamwork and creativity can take place, one’s business will only succeed.
  • Providing a space to include workers on remote – having the ability to video conference, remote workers won’t have to miss another meeting and will also feel like part of the team, once again building those teamwork skills.
  • Reservations not required – with a huddle room, a business will never have to book conference room days in advance.
  • Getting more Bang for your Buck- they offer a more adaptable method for performance in a more informal atmosphere, making them target zones for the younger generation looking for a collaboration refuge. Yet, Huddle Rooms are the ideal space for handling important business affairs including sales demonstrations, webinars, interviews for jobs, and so much more. Their flexible size renders them budget-friendly to almost any size of business when one considers that a business could fully create four totally separate huddle rooms and it would cost less than designing the space of one conference room, and the Huddle Room offers at least 10 x the potential in productivity when the business is working as a team.

Having Zoom as your go to video, web and business presence, your company and your Huddle Room will always be successful.

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