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Are you wondering what are the benefits of video conferencing via unified communication software such as Zoom Communications? Video conference is such an option that someone can access for professional purpose or personal as well. Through video conference you can be in a visual touch with that person who is located far away from you. It is something that grabs the public attention because it consume lesser time and expense than the physical meeting.  There are different benefits of video conference which are discussed as below.

Benefits Of Zoom online video conference system

Cost Saving:- If you opt for a video conference it deducts the travelling expense. Initial interviews or meeting can be done through video conference.

Time Saving:- Video conferencing consumes only the required time for the meeting.

Energy Saving:- If you go for video conference it will save your physical energy whereas travelling consumes time, money and energy both.

Give Better Opportunity Of E-Learning:- Distance education programme can be conclude through video conference. E.g. a teacher who is sitting in Delhi and the student who is located in Kolkata can’t meet everyday possibly whereas through videocall they can exchange ideas and educational perspective.

Zoom and Its Features

Zoom is such an advance option which is full of features such as HD quality video, HD voice etc. It is compatible to work with all kind of OS such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS and Android etc. Dual stream for dual screen facility is also available.  Some more features are there such as MP4 recording, Google Chrome and Outlook plug-in etc.  Zoom uses hybrid cloud services that enhance its quality of service.

Zoom is compatible to chat with PC, Laptop, Desktop, I-pad, Tab, Mobile etc. That is why zoom rooms are used by more than 300, 000 business per day. If we talk about the speciality of zoom other than anything else we must say it is convenient, technically updated, more efficient and overall easy to access. Zoom room is the most trusted video conferencing software for all kind of business requirements.

Holistic Communications is the sole reseller of Zoom Communications deployments in the in Thailand Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australasia and the south pacific Islands, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, American Samoa regions. For custom solutions and Zoom Cloud, Saas & Hybrid deployments you can get in touch with us anytime.

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