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The Challenge

Whilst most companies appreciate the value of providing their employees with effective and easy to use meeting rooms it can be difficult and costly undertaking to acheive.

The challenge, until now, is that companies had limited options for delivering effective room based technologies that are easy to use.

As such most companies had two options, one, open the check book and go all out. The problem though is that this hardware approach requires multiply vendors to bring it all together. Furthermore a change or failure of one part of the solution can render the room difficult to use or worst yet inoperable.

The second and more likely apporach is to provide little more than a phone, TV and cables to connect to the employees laptop. This leads to frustations by your employees and quickly leads to the “to hard basket”

As such Its little wonder why most organisations lack effective audio, screen share and video conferencing capabilities that are “ready” and easy to use by anyone.

Take advantage of the most reliable and cost effective solution there is, and which is compatible to all hardware so you can future proof your organisational requirements. By using Zoom rooms video conferencing you can maximise adoption and leverage collaboration like you have never before ben able to do.

The Solution

Zoom rooms, by Holistic Communications, is the worlds first software defined room based video conferencing system. It provides all the features of a traditional room based video conferencing system (like Polycom, Tandberg, cisco etc) with the additional benifit of delivering Wireless screen share and global audio conferencing for normal meeting room use, ie when you are not in a Zoom meeting

By introducing Zoom rooms to your existing meeting rooms you gain the following benifits:

  • The ability to start scheduled or instant meeting with one click of your IPAD or Android Tablet.
  • The ability to control the meeting, ie mute, invite etc via an intuitive IPAD or Android Tablet controller
  • The ability to throw out your display cables as Zoom provides wireless screen share. This feature is avaliable weather you are in a Zoom meeting or not.
  • The ability to leverage your Zoom room to make or receive phone calls. Further more you can leverage our global audio conference bridge fo traditioanl audio conferencing calls
  • The ability to reuse existing TV’s, projectors, computers, microphones and webcams to power your Zoom Room. Zoom supports upto 3 TV’s (including touch screen)
  • The ability to introduce  high quality low cost USB webcams and speak phones if you dont currently have this technology in your meeting room
Zoom rooms

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Visualise Zoom Room in your meeting room, click the image below


Throw out your display cables, share your screen wirelessly from any device in the world


Support for wide band VOIP and global PSTN dial in / dial out to over 55 countries in the world


Start scheduled or instant meetings with one touch from your iPad or Android tablet


Zoom rooms allows you to leverage wireless screen share and audio conferencing outside of a Zoom meeting.


Leverage any USB hardware for your camera, microphone or webcam. Leverage existing PC’s or Mac OS for your Zoom Room codex. Leverage Ipad or Android tablets for you Zoom room controller


All meeting controls, ie mute, invite, share screen are managed via an intuitive Zoom room app on your Ipad or Adroid Tablet


Support for two cameras allowing you to project your video from two video sources


Intergrate Zoom rooms to your Outlook of Gmail calander and Zoom Rooms will display your meeting on the IPAD. Your meeting will start before you have the chance to sit down !


All participants can join from any device including smartphones, tablets, pc or mac device

SIP and H323

In conjuction with our SIP / H323 add on, participants can join from traditional room based systems like Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg or Lifesize





Extend Zoom room meeting to the mobile worker

Smart phone and Tablet support

Remote attendess, either employees or client can enjoy a full mobile experience, including audio, web and video sharing.

According to Okta, The Zoom mobile app is the fastest growing business app. Why because our workforce has become so active. Enable your mobile workforce with Zoom.

One click "join" or "start" from your mobile

Weather your teams travel or work extended hours, Zoom makes it easy for you, your clients and your peers to come together from any device.

Zoom video conferencing

Zoom Rooms has changed the meeting room for ever. If you are looking for the best quality, best priced video conference room, meeting room or huddle room Get a Free Trial NOW.

No Cables Required to plug in your laptops or participants to share screens or content. You only need a url and access to the internet and you can present into any Zoom meeting or conference.

Zoom video conferencing

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