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Are you looking for an effective web conferencing system that enhances your service standard? Zoom Rooms can provide you with ultimate solution in providing better health care options. Zoom Rooms is a cloud based technology that offers virtual meeting, online collaboration with HD quality audio and video. Zoom Rooms plays a vital role in each sector however, plays most significant role while it comes to medical sector. Zoom Rooms featured in such a way that offers best quality health suggestions to the patient from remote locations. There are various benefits of Zoom Rooms in businesses especially in health industries.

Benefits of Zoom Rooms web video conference system

  • Provide remote assistance to patients- Zoom Rooms is a one touch solution that can arrange an instant online meeting for those patients who are far away from a hospital.
  • Fix appointments with Doctors- Zoom Rooms can fix an appointment with those doctors who are sitting in other state or countries.
  • Provides assistance in operation theatre- Zoom Rooms can arrange a virtual collaboration inside an operation theatre with its high quality HD audio visuals.
  • Offers instant meeting in emergency cases- Zoom Rooms can connect to experts for suggestions instantly whenever there is an emergency like accident, heart attack, delivery cases etc.
  • Arrange online meeting for exceptional cases- Zoom Rooms has a special feature of dual stream for dual screen that allows double collaboration of experts in case exceptional cases like severe heart and head injury, unidentified infections, sudden major disease etc.
  • Provides follow up with discharged patients- Zoom Rooms can organise a day to day follow up with discharged patients who had gone through with major surgery, severe orthopaedic destructions or special psychological changes.
  • Can arrange an instant routine check up- patients with severe cases needs a routine check up from experts, sometimes it’s not possible to visit doctors chamber which can be replaced with online collaboration by Zoom Rooms as it provides High Definition visual quality that a doctor can properly review the changes in patients body.
  • Gather experts into same platform- as Zoom Rooms offers multi participants at a common platform, doctors from various states or country can review in a subject matter and can see the visuals of the organic changes in patient’s body and provides a solution.
  • Easy to get instant solution- Zoom Rooms connects via wired, wireless and Wi-Fi networks that allow easy connections between doctor and patient.

Zoom Rooms is a one touch solution to all kind of health related collaboration that includes different participants from mobile, laptop, tab etc. and also supports windows, Mac, ios and android for hassle free communication. With wireless content sharing facility Zoom Rooms can transfer the medical reports and files to physician, dietician, specialist, surgeon etc. for a better case study and solution.

If you are a business from Asia Pacific Region of the Globe and want to add a better dimension in your health care service you are welcome to connect at info@hc.services.com.

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