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There is much debate on, which video conferencing systems are best suited for small businesses and which are better situated for individual uses or which are best for medium sized businesses or corporate enterprises. Having a basic understanding of the differences of room based video conferencing equipment compared to the larger scale, but better quality video room systems, such as Zoom Rooms brought to you by Holistic Communications, and the likes of Huddle Room video conferencing ability for businesses and individuals alike, may help one make a more informed decision on what is best suited for their needs.

Room Based Video Conferencing Systems

Room based video conferencing systems are a little different than the larger scale video conferencing software solutions which Holistic Communications customizes and scales to bring small and medium sized businesses all their communication and webinar needs all in one unified communication software bundle. The room based video conferencing systems are usually a scaled down version of the unified communications software solutions that we have all grown accustomed to, and are usually used for smaller group or one on one meeting types. These meetings or collaborations have been found to be cumbersome and ineffective at best with poor and ineffective quality and downright bad video and audio.

Video Rooms

The higher scale, unified, all-in-one communications software solutions, such as Zoom Rooms, is software based and has HD quality video, audio and flawless integration and seamless installation and customer services.  You also get wireless, less cumbersome connectivity, the ability to meet with all members of your team no matter where in the world they are located and all for a much more affordable price than room based non-software, video conferencing systems. Holistic Communications can get you started with Zoom Rooms with a free trial today for up to forty five days and you will have access to one touch start meetings, interoperability with H.323/SIP to be able to use any endpoint from Cisco, Lifesize or even PolyCom and native integration with Creston Mercury plus so much more. Get with Holistic Communications today for your free trial.

Huddle Rooms

A Huddle Room is simply designed for a mere three to four people, so if your small business or at home office is designed with only a few people, then maybe Huddle Rooms could work for you. It is great for project meetings or information sessions where you really don’t have to reach too far and you are simply trying to brainstorm or build teamwork. Huddle Rooms is for increasing productivity, concentration and small spaces.

Now that you have the basics on the room based video conferencing, video rooms and Huddle Rooms differences, you can make a more informed decision on which one makes the most sense for your small or medium sized business. Zoom Rooms by Holistic Communications offers the most affordable unified all-in-one software based video room communications solution strategy for your small business. Get your free trial today and see the huge difference for

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