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Virtual meetings and online conferencing are the most effective and cost efficient form of meetings these days for individuals, businesses, government, and large-scale organizations.

Virtual meeting platforms are more in demand than ever before. Online collaboration tools save us time, money, troubles of travel, and energy. The convenience and ease of use that comes with web based communication and conferencing tools is immense and organizations with increased demand for teamwork are embracing online collaboration tools.

Zoom is a state-of-the-art unified communication platform introduced by Holistic Communications for any kind of online web conferencing or virtual online business meeting. Of recent, it has become the best online communication tool for its affordability, easy-to-use interface, secure and encrypted communication and smooth video conferencing capabilities.

Zoom can be used on any of the prevalent OS like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It offers features beyond its competitors. Some of main features are HD video conference, file share, group chat, screen share, safe and secure communication, communication log, tier based admin features, consistency and advanced instant messaging.

Why Prefer Zoom?

Zoom provides the best and an affordable substitute for in-person meeting by providing all-you-need communication facilities for online web conferences and video web conferences with guaranteed reliability. It can be used on all the well-known operating systems. The ability to communicate fluently even through the wireless connections, makes it the top choice of organizations with teams collaborating remotely across the globe.

Enhanced Productivity

Comparing a virtual online business meeting to an in-person meeting, it is obvious that the former saves, time, money and enhances productivity. Whether your crew is situated across a vast country or throughout the world, Zoom converts the time and energy directly into output without compromising on quality.

Safety, Security and Secrecy

Maintaining safe, reliable and secure communication is the top priority of the government departments. With Zoom, unified communication platform, be assured that your communication is safe and secure. It works with official emails, SSO, Google logins and uses secure socket layer encryption so you have peace of mind while working with ZOOM. It has AES 128 bit Encryption, HTTP access, rank based access control and administrative features. All your communication taking place for a business video conference through Zoom is completely safe and secure, regardless of the device or operating system you are using.


The requirement for business video conferencing is increasing every day. However, this increased demand for online communication should be met with a reliable tool; otherwise, you would end up spending a majority of your time handling the tool. Zoom has been designed keeping in view all the possible needs and it works seamlessly with every network and operating system. Organizations and businesses are using Zoom videoconferencing for:

  • Team Meetings
  • Inter-department collaboration and co-ordination
  • Inter-Government organization discussions
  • Webinars
  • Council to state and reverse communication
  • Intra-Council Communication
  • Central Government and departmental hotline
  • International personnel and Local Admin Meetings
  • Viewing recorded meetings
  • Trainings
  • Minister meetings
  • BOG meetings
  • Admin and staff meetings
  • Inter-Government Meetings
  • Communication to and from Health Care Facilities
  • Meetings with Suppliers
  • Workshops
  • Educational Institutes (both within the institute and external communication)
  • Internal and external communication at LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies).
  • For any department with on field staff.


As compared to other online video conferencing programs, Zoom video conferencing costs less. The feature it offers makes it the top choice of the teams looking to work with each other frequently.

Communication Log

While working on sensitive projects and government schemes and missions, it is imperative to keep record of the proceedings and meetings. Holistic Communications has integrated Zoom with MP4 recording of meetings, and the shared content. There is no need to jot down the notes for records or minutes of the meeting. This provides you the freedom and enhances speed of the proceedings. Due to these advanced features, Zoom has become the top choice of government and nongovernment organizations which require a record of meetings and daily proceeding. Zoom has made it possible with easy to use features that anyone without prior knowledge of its functionality can learn and use in no time.


When it comes to reliability, Zoom stands number one. It keeps you in touch with your group even if you have weaker signals and slow internet. It works finest when connected to a Wi-Fi, and other wireless technologies. It keeps you going perfectly even with a fragile network.

Ease of Access

If you are a manager, administrator, or a virtual assistant, regardless of your location, you can keep in touch with every one related to your business and assure that day-to-day affairs are handled with care. You just need a common connected device and everything pops up before you. The chat system works across the globe and you can use the push-to-talk features of Zoom to express a nod or a no. You can use any of the features you need to supervise, mediate, or guide. Nothing of your tasks is beyond Zoom’s reach.

Hierarchy Based Control

Zoom’s Hierarchy based system can be adjusted according to your organizational tier. Whether you are the manager, executive or an employee, with Zoom you miss nothing and rest assured that your duty is done and messages are conveyed to recipient.

Top Features to harness better business opportunities:

  • Control your web meetings with Host Control option
  • White Boarding is great option to place the shared files on screen during online web conferencing
  • Screen Sharing helps the participants of business web conferences to collaborate in an effective manner
  • Unlimited one to one online web meetings
  • Unrestricted number of web meetings and virtual web conferencing
  • Limitless group meeting durations
  • HD Voice and Video
  • Vibrant voice detection feature
  • Dial-in to join a meeting
  • Share your desktop and applications
  • Personal room option / Meeting ID
  • Options for Local recording & Cloud recording (MP4 and M4A)
  • Plugins for Outlook and Google Chrome
  • Options available for Group as well as Private Chat

Zoom videoconferencing is an ideal solution for businesses of any scale. The dexterity it adds to team meetings and collaboration is unmatched. Join a meeting with Zoom and you will never do it another way.



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