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It is fantastic to be able to notify all of our client s of the ZOOM meetings 4.0 release which has just happened. Not only was zoom video conferencing the fastest growing meeting system in the cloud, but is officially the fastest-growing application of its type for 2016. To find out more ask us to forward you the ZDNet article story to see the trends of 2016.


With the changes in video conferencing and enterprise meeting communications technology stack, there is nothing more exciting or compelling than the ZOOM cloud meetings for any sized business, small or large.

For our customers who already enjoy the benefits and cost savings from Zoom virtual conferencing, the below is the highlight of what Zoom 4.0 delivers to you. From the Zoom NEWS room as follows:


1.      Zoom video meetings 4.0 release revolutionises the video conference and business meeting

a.      here are the highlights from the ZOOM team:

                                                    i.     New Zoom Developer Portal and Zoom MobileRTC™ Platform – Developers can embed video, voice, and screen sharing in business applications. Zoom MobileRTC enables businesses to leverage Zoom’s real-time collaboration stack for their mobile applications.

                                                   ii.     Enhancements to Software-Based Conference Room System Zoom Rooms:

                                                  iii.     Zoom Rooms controller app for Android tablets (In addition to the current support for iPad controllers).

                                                  iv.     Enhanced enterprise management functionality for Zoom Rooms: Creating groups of rooms allows IT to assign access controls and alerts to IT managers by location, and makes it easy to configure multiple rooms as a batch.

                                                   v.     Voice command to control Zoom Rooms: Start a meeting with a simple verbal command “Hey Zoom, start meeting.”


b.      New Features for Better Collaboration and Webinar Experiences:

                                                    i.     Multi-share: Ability for multiple participants to share their screens simultaneously.

                                                   ii.     Attention indicator: Gives the meeting host instant feedback on who is paying attention.

                                                  iii.     Waiting room: Protects privacy by allowing the meeting host to control when participants join their meeting.

                                                  iv.     Integrations with iOS 10: Ask Siri to “Start a Zoom video call with….” and your meeting will automatically begin. Receiving Zoom calls with the native iPhone user interface is as easy as swiping your home screen.

                                                   v.     Broadcast your Video Webinars to Facebook Live and YouTube: Instantly broadcast up to 50 video panelists to an unlimited audience.


To find out how you can take advantage of the new features for your business, reach out to your account manager today. We look forward to sharing the full overview soon.

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