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It is not easy to find video conferencing software that can offer a comprehensive solution for business chatting collaboration in terms of online meetings and video conferences. There are not many packages out there that can satisfy business needs when they want sound quality which is reliable or a crisp video. The biggest issue is about an interface’s ease of use when it comes to chatting in the areas of joining, participating, annotations and screen sharing.

Zoom Meetings has been considered as the most frictionless and the easiest software to chat and collaborate in terms of video conferencing and holding online meetings.

You can begin by downloading Zoom Meetings to your PC or Mac. You can host a test meeting and try out recording, screen sharing, chat, annotating and settings for the meetings. The next step is to schedule a chat or an online meeting. You can invite participants to your Zoom IM. Zoom Meetings has been serving business managers as a unified and a powerful video conferencing platform for online meetings and group chats.

Within the next couple of months, Zoom is launching its updated package 3.0. ZoomPresence will be the first of its kind as a conference room platform that has been created exclusively for iOS and Mac OS. You will be able to control chats and meetings in your conference room. It will be charging business users $99 annually for a twenty-five person capacity for meetings and chats or $499 annually for a hundred person capacity.

Zoom Meetings is hailed all over the world for its powerful flexibility as a conferencing platform. You can have up to one hundred video participants at an interactive level and about one thousand video webinar viewers who can join all your meetings. The participants can join in from any type of device such as a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer, H.323/SIP room systems and Zoom systems.

This software will fit any type or size of conference room requirements – it is available in small size with a single screen and is also available in medium size with a couple of screens and a large size with three screens.

Why do business users prefer Zoom Meetings for chat purposes?

It is because of the ease of use. Once you download this platform, you will observe that it has a simple and easy to use interface. It offers you everything you require as a web conference room system. Unlike some other systems, you do not need to familiarize yourself and learn about touch consoles or remote controls.

You get excellent video support. You can expect up to three high-definition screens and up to one hundred video streams.

As far as screen sharing is concerned, Zoom offers added flexibility of supporting both the Direct HDMI or Wi-Fi screen sharing.

Integration is possible with Outlook, Google and SSO for provision of log-in and calendar. This facility is not offered by many other conference room systems. As far as native features are concerned, Zoom supports H.323/SIP end points, toll-free and global phone dial-in and call-me sources. Many other software providers depend upon third party integrators for these special features.

The best feature is that at the beginning, only one user has to download Zoom and then all other participants can just click on meeting links, either unique or re-occurring and join in instantly from their desktops, smart phones or tablets.

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