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With more and more businesses looking to increase their global presence, there has been an increase in the development of a number of different online meeting tools on the market today. Two of the most popular ones are Zoho and Zoom. These two platforms boast similar capabilities or technology and make it possible to host a web meeting but lets see how do they really compare to one another.

Price Comparison

While pricing is not the only factor in selecting an online meeting tool, it is often a deciding factor for a number of different companies, especially small businesses with limited budget dollars. Both options offer users a free trial before committing to ensure they are happy with the services offered. However, only Zoom offers an unlimited trial version that gives basic access. The basic access for Zoho then is $12 a month, while Zoom is still FREE. For those who need the additional features offered by the professional membership, Zoho is $18 a month for a host, while Zoom is $14.99 a month for a host. Zoom comes standard with 100 participants in your meeting. Additional multiple user access for larger businesses with Zoho goes up to $49.99 a month, while Zoom goes up to $19.99, making Zoom more economical.


Both of these platforms make it possible to host online meetings. Both allow for voice calling, but Zoom’s sound and video quality make the experience feel like all participants are in the same room no matter where they are joining the cloud based meeting from in the world. Both platforms also make it possible for participants to mute their microphone so the rest of the participants do not hear any background noise, but an additional feature with Zoom is the ability of the person leading the meeting to mute and unmute meeting participants. There is also the ability for participants to have a discussion in chat while the online video meeting is going on, or to “raise a hand” so the presenter knows there is a question but not detract from the current conversation taking place.

Ease of Use

Both, Zoom and Zoho are user friendly, making it possible for the user to start hosting online meetings and web conferences right away from your office computer or laptop that is equipped with video and microphone capabilities. However, Zoom really is the better option for those who need to join web meetings while on the go. Unlike Zoho, Zoom is able to be used on a number of Android and iOS based mobile devices, making it possible for your team to meet while travelling or to network from the other side of the world the same way they would if they were working from a centralized location. Share your mobile or smart phone screen, other content, share video live and more with zoom. So whether you are in your office, at home, in an airport, or at a hotel you can participate in online meetings with Zoom. And if you have any trouble connecting, there is support available from both Zoho and Zoom to help answer your questions, but Zoom goes a step further in helping you troubleshoot, by also offering the ability to help remotely.

If you would like to see why Zoom business meetings software is a top 3 gartner solution and how you can take your company, or organisation to the next level, ask the holistic team today.

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