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As technology advances and more companies have a workforce that is spread out across the globe, there is an increasing need for organizations to use a video conferencing app to conduct a number of day to day functions. The reason why an app is often the “go to” is because it is more capable of being mobile than other types of meeting software apps. Below are the top three video conferencing choices by companies for the year 2017, and are expected to remain in the running in the coming year.

3 – JoinMe

Number three on the list is JoinMe. This option allows participants to join a conference call by either phone or VoIP. It is available in a number of different countries, although it is not compatible everywhere. JoinMe makes it possible for meetings to be recorded for future reference. It also makes it possible for the host to use screen sharing and file sharing to collaborate and share information with the participants. Lastly JoinMe allows participants to use a number of different mobile devices to participate in a web meeting. This app makes the list because it is fairly straightforward and easy to use. There is a basic free plan as well as upgraded plans to choose from, making it a solution for small business video meetings.

2 – GoToMeeting

Second up on the top apps for 2017 includes GoToMeeting. This software is designed for larger businesses as well as small business video meetings. It provides high quality videos and is able to be used on both mobile devices as well as on personal computers. There is also a whiteboard feature, and screen sharing capabilities, which allow participants to see what the presenter is seeing on his or her screen. An added benefit is the ability to join the conference call using a toll free phone number for international users, and to have multiple hosts for a single meeting. However, the plan pricing for GoToMeeting is pricier than some of the other software options on the market, starting at around $40 a month per a host. The free option only allows three participants to join a meeting, limiting the capability for smaller businesses with limited funds to host a video conferencing meeting with the entire team.

1 – Zoom

Making the top of the list is Zoom meetings, which offers high definition video and high quality audio for a video conferencing meeting. Like GoToMeeting, Zoom meetings are compatible with both computers and mobile devices. Zoom is also able to be recorded for future reference, but as part of the saved meeting, the meeting notes, whiteboard, audio, files, and group chat are also saved. Screen sharing is also available, but with the ability to share in gallery view or in full screen, the ability to chat with the group, and file share as well is what puts Zoom video conferencing on the top of the list. Not to mention the FREE unlimited “trial” plan which permits access for meetings under 50 minutes makes it the ideal video conferencing solutions for small business. Unlimited meeting lengths with multiple attendees are also more reasonably priced than competitors making it the clear winner.

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