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More and more companies are choosing to conduct online training for their staff. This is happening for a number of reasons. From logistics to convenience, everything is being cited as reasons for this shift. For your convenience and in the spirit of fairness, we have listed both the pros and cons of online training in the following.

Here are the pros of online training:

  • Reduces organization cost: As online training is conducted through video conferencing software it completely eliminates the amount of money usually spent on organization. From food and lodging to transportation, companies need not spend money on these things anymore.
  • Logistically Easier: Organizing online training is far simpler than organizing any event that requires physical presence. Since web conferencing software like Zoom is able to support hundreds of participants, it makes organization quite easy. Since everything is virtual, logistics require hardly any time.
  • Spread over time: Since conducting training every few months can be quite expensive, most companies avoid doing that. Instead, tons of sessions and training is crammed into a few days, as it is more cost-effective. Online training makes it easy for training to be conducted every few months, as it is quite inexpensive. This makes the training far more effective and helps with better learning.
  • Variety: The best part of online training is that it leaves plenty of room for creativity. It can be in the form of sessions that take place or the kind of trainers invited. Since video conferencing systems connect you to the entire world, you can invite people from anywhere to do the sessions.
  • Access to information: Since there is no limit to the amount of information that can be transferred virtually, employees have access to a wealth of information that is not available to them otherwise.

These are the cons of online training.

  • Difficult to keep track: One of the biggest disadvantages that online training poses is that it becomes difficult to keep track of employees and ensure their attendance. This can be a major issue if certain checks aren’t kept in place beforehand to make sure all employees attend the training.
  • Attention: It can also be difficult to see whether or not an employee is giving the training session all the attention it deserves. Additionally, there are a number of distractions if an employee is attending a virtual session from somewhere other than the office.
  • Limits social interaction: A major reason why some companies still don’t have online training sessions is that they limit social interaction. Social interaction is imperative for employees to work together and come up with new ideas. It enables collaboration and trust. Some training sessions also include team-building exercises and activities that cannot be conducted virtually.

Like everything else in the world, there are pros and cons to online training.

If you were confused about conducting or participating in online training, we hope we have helped you in making up your mind.

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