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Holistic’s deploy Zoom meetings which is an advanced video conferencing and online meeting solution that helps businesses improve their professional collaboration capabilities. We are a strategic partner of Zoom video meeting tools across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, South east and eastern Asian countries. We deploy SaaS, Cloud and Hybrid for Zoom Rooms, the leading integrated communication software for businesses especially large Numbers of Participants. It provides several advanced features that enable businesses to organize instant meetings or scheduled conferences with anyone, at any time, from any location. Zoom conferencing software tools lets your employees, partners, clients and service providers connect from their mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop devices and from other unified communication endpoints i.e. Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize etc. With Zoom video Rooms and tools, you get instant HD video conferences, feature rich online meetings, group collaboration features and more.

Hold Virtual Meetings with Hundreds of Participants Instantly or Schedule Conferences with the best video web meeting tools

Zoom web meetings tools comes powered by its Meeting Connector, its on-Cloud meeting room that enables up to 500 participants to join in from anywhere, at any time. Its Cloud based H.323/SIP room connector enables up to 500 participants and as many as 10,000 view only attendees join in to your meetings live. You can enjoy Many SMEs, corporate organizations and large enterprises have benefitted by introducing Zoom Rooms as their primary unified communication system. With active speaker or gallery video layout functionality, direct telephone call outs, Skype for Business and Outlook integration, browser plugins and touch controls, it really doesn’t get any better. Its combination of powerful features makes Zoom the #1 cloud video conferencing and online meeting platform for all businesses.

You can start meetings with one click, instantly share any file or device screen (desktop and mobile), run interactive whiteboards, record meetings, start private chats during live meetings, manage all activities from a centralized dashboard and get full control over your business collaboration. Zoom doesn’t require participants to follow any complex set up processes, lengthy configurations and anyone can actually connect without hassle. With touch controls for iPad, iPhone and full-fledged functionality across all platforms, Zoom Rooms offers the best online meeting and video conference features as compared to any other platform. With advanced Holistic Zoom plans, there are no limits to the number of meetings you can host with the right meeting tools in your team’s hands. That’s right. You get unlimited meetings, no limits on meeting durations, unlimited one on ones, free dial in telephone conference calls and more. With Zoom, you can take your business communications to the next level.

Are you looking at how to use your old solutions, or designing and evaluating for your next communications platform?

When you are looking for the right tools for your organization to be able to collaborate seamlessly and simply then Holistic can help you. For simple online meetings to full blown enterprise controls with video conferencing software which you can set up cheaper than other suppliers. But this is not at the cost of quality. With built in IT dashboards for you to manage all your IT challenges in the one portal. If you are using any of the following solutions or evaluating these service providers them, then you should be evaluating Holistic Communications deployment of Zoom web conferencing and video meetings.

Let us prove to you why we are , easier to use, cheaper, and the best quality compared to Join me, Cisco Webex, Gotomeeting, Fuze, PGI, Global Meet, imeet, Skype for business, budget conferencing, redback conferencing, arkadin, polycom, bluejeans, aarnet, intercall, click meeting, teamviewer, anymeeting, adobe and office product microsoft.

I have been in IT for over 20 years and have not found any solution which is the quality for all communications which Zoom online video meetings is or Zoom virtual video conferencing ease of use and quality is. I high recommend reaching out to one of our team to set you up a business free trial Now.


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