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When video conferencing services and platforms make your business struggle in terms of quality of communication and sharing, ease of access or sometimes limited functionality, it has a negative impact on your company’s client relations. You do not want a situation where you have to walk your client through installation of software in order to get in touch with you. You need something which is professional with a decent connection to show that yours is a company which can be trusted by your clients.

Google Hangouts and Zoom Meetings are video conferencing platforms that serve as communications software packages. It is for you to decide which product would be more suitable for your operations. Generally, people give an edge to Zoom Meetings over Google Hangouts. We will elaborate later on the reasons why this is so.

This guide will give you details on overall product quality, user satisfaction levels, tools, features, supported platforms and customer service so that you would be able to analyse accurately in terms of your business needs. You have to remember to choose only those features that your company needs so that you avoid wasting your resources for functions that you most probably would not be using.

Zoom Meetings

It is video conferencing software which promotes business collaboration with the help of an integrated system of online meetings, web conferences and group messaging. You have to download the program first to your computer so that you can begin participating in the calls. This requirement may add an element of inconvenience and friction if you have to make a one-off call with a participant that is not in your team or if you have to make your first call with any person who does not have Zoom already on his or her desktop. Apart from this point, it is quite easy to start your meetings as a host with this platform. You can set up new rooms and shoot the links across to those meetings to selected participants and they will be able to follow them.

Zoom Meetings offers four separate pricing packages. We will be covering the Basic Plan – It offers personal meetings free of charge up to hosting one hundred participants. You can expect to hold one on one meeting with a limit of forty minutes in terms of group meetings. You have full online support and a capable customer service team. You can hold unrestricted number of meetings. You have smart web conferencing features and group collaboration features that come with full security and privacy guidelines.

Google Hangouts

With this platform provided by Google in conjunction with Google Mail, you can connect with all persons that are making your business run successfully with the help of a high-definition video, text or voice. You can save considerable time and money on travel expense and get all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting. This platform has been made available without any charge to the user for making and receiving calls and for the purpose of video conferencing.

Almost every person who uses Gmail will be familiar with Google Hangouts by now. It is as widely used as Skype. There is a great chance that you may have already set up a Google Account. Once you have done that, you can start hosting meetings through Google Hangouts. All participants who may not have Google Accounts can still join in your video chats and use all functionalities.

This platform is, however, considered as a video conferencing solution only for people who link their work and meetings to their email and inboxes. Everything with this platform has to be negotiated through Gmail and your contact list through your email becomes your contact reference for Google Hangouts.

Like Zoom Meetings, a small inconvenience has to be borne when you have to check with your Google Account if it has got this platform enabled for you. Sometimes, business people who use Google Apps for work and use G-Suite may have to wait for some time to start using Google Hangouts until the Google Admin enables it for them.

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