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The Challenge

There are many solutions on the market that claim to provide a great online meeting experience. Some work ok within your business but struggle to work well for mobile staff or external quests. Others work well for external meetings but are restricted due to cost and complex licence models.

The factors generally lead to low adoption as people lack the confidence that their meetings will just work, or dont have access in the first place due to cost.

Zoom is built on the lates technology platform and uses the latest codecs to make sure it performs in all environments and every time. Zoom is the first software defined video conferencing (SDVC) architecture and you can leverage the cloud infrastructure or have a hybrid on-premise solution depending on your needs.

IT administrator have access under the business licences to the IT dashboards and controls for live support and monitoring.

The Solution

Zoom has multiple modules and services which can be purchased at any stage with your Zoom licence. Start from 50 Participants as standard and then choose what else you need from there.

Business IM (Instant Messaging_

Video Webinar

Premium Audio

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing

H.323/SIP Connector

Developer Platform & API’s

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Best Audio, Video & Screenshare which is in the top 3 for the Gartner Quadrant. Find out how your organisation can leverage Zoom.

Fastest Growing Cloud Meeting Platform

Confereing App in multiple languages

If you team are located all over teh world, Zoom conferencing app is now available with the following interfaces: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German & Japanese

Software Defined Video Conferencing

The most affordable and the best quality video conferencing system, which can work with all hardware including H323/SIP, have one platform do it all for your business.

Video Conference Rooms for Collaboration

Integrate to other rooms solutions, touch screens, whiteboards and mutliple cameras. With proximity controls and one touch room entry there is nothing easier.

The Best Quality Video, Audio & Screen Share you can get.

All-in-one communication platform for all your needs

Want to start having meetings which work everytime?

Zoom Meeting Features