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Working from home and remote workers use web conferencing and video conferencing to have virtual face to face meetings

The shift to flexible work forces has given rise to online meetings systems for your teams to rely on for their daily communications with other staff, clients or business partners. Zoom and Logitech will give you the best quality video, audio and screen share for all your conferences. Check our the shop for the video conferencing Logitech group hardware and the zoom online virtual meetings software.

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Zoom conferencing has Green screen for any background, make it seem like you are one of the big guys or working from an office

Holistic’s Zoom Communication solutions are designed for the highest level of business communication and collaboration. We deploy Zoom via SaaS, Cloud and Hybrid models to businesses in the Asia Pacific region, along with local service, training, instant support and in country billing. Holistic is the premium partner of Zoom Video Communication solutions in Thailand Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australasia and the south pacific Islands, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, American Samoa.

Zoom’s communication platform is widely recognized as the best modern integrated video conferencing and meeting solution. If your business incorporates a work from home or remote methods for its employees, Zoom can be the best for your needs to.

Web And Video Conferencing Features

Holistic Communications was founded on the desire to provide our clients with a quality solution to meet all their collaboration needs

The Best Logitech Video Conferencing Camera C930

When you have a meeting you should be using a quality camera. We recommend the Logitech hardware and the C930 HD camera for quality video is the definite winner in our book. They are the best quality and best value and perfect for home offices and remote work spaces. Buy online from our cart today

Run Your Meeting from Any Device, Laptop or Desktop

No need to worry about what is needed, Zoom works with almost all devices and video conference hardware including your client or business partners equipment. Connect to live meetings from any device or platform without hassle. Meetings from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other communication endpoints i.e. H.323/SIP devices instantly.

Zoom Meetings From Anywhere NOW With Background Green Screens

Green screen background option allows you to replace the background of your webcam video with any picture you choose to load, so you can turn your meeting room to a fantastic office, window view or landscape. All you need is a green background or a flat white wall to have this feature work.

Zoom Adaptive Voice Makes it Seem Like You Are There Face to Face

Adaptive voice or audio means you have built in amplification or dampeners to make sure you sound clear and your participants are clear, just like you were just standing next to each other. No need for a microphone, but if needed for noise cancellation or for wireless connectivity to allow you to wonder, check out Logitech group headsets , now available in our online shop.

How to stay connected while working remotely, Communicate clearly, frequently and be proactive

Online video conferencing and virtual web meetings are critical for effectively making people feel part of the team, no matter where one is located, even if they are remotely located. Effective virtual meetings which enable quality audio, screen sharing and video for your remote workforce which does not have their productivity or work interrupted when needing to collaborate or discuss action items with team mates, business partners, project teams or clients. Express virtual meetings over the web mean your organisations flexibility for staff to focus on matters or respond to un expected events like family or health matters means you don’t experienced lost downtime. Have the best video conferencing software or web conferencing software will either make your teams succeed and succeed well, or it will hinder them in their daily activities and hinder your growth and success into the future. No one like being left behind.

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Working remotely means you are not walking the hall ways and you can not count on passing your team mates in the corridors or in the break room to speak with them or interact when ever you can or cross paths. You have to make sure you deliberately reach out to the people within your team, other divisions as needed and stay connecting with your co-workers. As part of this, your enterprise or business video conferencing software or online meetings tools which you have in place, allow you to quickly meeting face to face on your team calls when you chat and catch up. Having virtual lunch dates with your colleagues is part of being a remote worker. Have your boss make regular check-in calls or video meetings to update you with progress reports and strategy updates, review individual and team goals and openly discuss ideas.

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Record your meetings or conferences to the cloud or your desktop

Working remotely does not mean you have limited functionality. With zoom you have the best features and the best quality, including your recording which are downloadable in MP4 format and you can play your recording back in your next meeting with sounds.

White board for sharing ideas in your meetings and annotations

Just like a real meeting, your online meetings have white board capabilities for showing off your visual ideas or enable you to high light and annotate with in the web meeting and you can have your participants do likewise.

Instant messaging and group chat for all team chats and communication

Instant messaging means you can chat with all your team mates and invite them to instant meeting and go into video or screen share easily. You can set up groups and have group chats and start group meetings with the click of one button. all people can search there messages and search there files or content sent through messaging too.


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