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The Challenge

Team collaboration, online meetings, webinars and room based video conferencing have all traditionally had the following challenges

  • Multiply solutions were required to bring it all together, increasing costs and complexity.
  • The added complexity could affect the quality, reliability and performance of your online experience
  • Ease of entry for remote participants was problematic, IT divisions needed to intervene when guests could not join or had issues
  • The management interface for hosts and guests was not intuitive, as such it could be difficult for the host to start and manage a meeting or for guests to work out what to do and how to navigate.

These key challenges, until now, were difficult to overcome. As such companies either spent big to try and resolve or left it in the to hard basket.



The Solution

Zoom has been built on the following key principles: ease of use, quality experience and reliability. This approach delivers the following benifits to you.

  • One platform that supports all your needs and provides a consistent user experience across all hardware.
  • One platform that is easy to use for all participants.
  • One platform that delivers an incredible user experience.
  • One platform that is architecutured from the ground up to just work, no matter what.

Zoom can deliver the following features and benifits

  • Audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing on any device.
  • Peer to peer collaboration via our Zoom app for desktops and smartphones. Features include Business IM, presense and one click join or start a meeting from any device.
  • Video webinars for upto 10000 viewers
  • Zoom rooms, the worlds first software defined room based video conferencing system.
  • H323 / SIP support for traditional room based video conferencing systems
  • Native intergrations to your existing SaaS applatications like Salesforce, dropbox, box, LMS systems etc plus full access to our developer suit

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70% cheaper than traditional solutions, with the best quality audio, vidio and screen share which works everytime.

The best Audio, Video & Screenshare you can get which is the backbone to a reliable unified communications system. People want to use it, not avoid it and in return your organisation will flourish.

Best adoption & total cost of ownership

Unlimited meetings

Zoom supports unlimited meetings with upto 500 participants

Full IT Admin Controls

Zoom delivers your IT teams with an intuitive and informitive IT dashboard to troubleshoot any issues reported in real time

Record Meetings for Later

Zoom delivers MP4 recordings via your desktop or via our cloud recording service. This means you can easily record meetings off your phone.

Group Messaging and Chat

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Being a rural Business we have poor internet connectivity. Even with the NBN in place we often run out of bandwidth or get shaped. We love Zoom becouse in any circumstance it just works. For remote business or poor connection of you or your clients then Zoom is the right choice”

Penelope Baker

Rural Manager

“We are always meeting virtual as an organistation which has many challenges. Meetigns can be from the office, home or on the go. With Zoom we can meet anytime from anywhere as everyone has a smart phone or computer somewhere! The video quality is outstanding and the Audio makes it seem as if yo uare the in person. You would be crazy not to use Zoom. ”

David Hunt

“We love Zoom metings as we are always out and about taking photos for our clients. The best way to communicate with each person in the team is via Zoom. The mobility functionality of the Zoom is quite simply amazing. I recommend it to others who are always on the go. ”

Heather Studdy

  • Save More Than traditional Providers 70%
  • Customer Satisfaction 95%
  • Logitech Hardware Is Cheaper 50%
  • Year on year growth 50%

The Results Were Amazing

If you are looking for an all-in-one communications platform which is built with mobility and video from its core then you have come to the right place. Zoom simply works everytime for every meeting. This is why Eric Yaun the Founder of Zoom who was the Chief Engineer of all 850 plus engineers at Webex created Zoom. He said there must be another way, where every meeting simply works so people can meet and collaborate. Zoom is the fastest, easiest to use and is the Number #1 cloud meeting provider and in 2016 was the fastest growing app of its type.

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All in one communications platform built with video and mobility in mind. Screen ahre your mobile or tablet, have video conference and do more busienss with Zoom

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