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More than one Webinar Speaker can broaden the exposure of a webinar by increasing number of audience, participants and versatility of shared ideas. On the other hand the synergy created by diversified speakers can also create mess in discussion. To handle such situations we are giving here some tips which are extracted after discussion with experts.

Pre Webinar Tips

Following tips should be taken in consideration before starting your video webinar:

  1. Main topic of a Webinar should be set with the consent of all speakers.
  2. Know about your co-speakers’ perspectives about the topic before starting the webinar.
  3. Take prior agreements from all the participants for a standby plan and make an expert speaker the leader of discussion.
  4. Make everyone ready for a post feedback and welcome the negative feedback (if any).
  5. Arrange the speaking order of every participant to avoid conversation disputes.
  6. Add verbal cues to your conversation. Such as ‘err’, ‘hmm’ that indicates your intention to say something. Reaffirm others’ opinions with single word such as ‘exactly’, ‘definitely’, ‘agreed’, etc.
  7. Prepare a check-list of main points related to the agenda of meeting.
  8. Prepare speakers’ manuscripts.

During Webinar Tips

During an ongoing video webinar appropriate collaboration between all the participants and speakers is the key to a successful online video meeting. Keep the following tips in mind during a business Webinar.

  1. Use webinar features such as Zoom Webinar offers screen sharing, business IM, online recording of virtual meeting and speakers’ revolving webcam view.
  2. Make sure each and every attendee of a webinar actively participate.
  3. Keep the relevancy in view and do not let anyone go off the topic.
  4. Note down any important points, quires or suggestions during the virtual meeting.

Post Webinar Tips

At the end of a webinar the main speaker should debrief all other speakers and take their feedback regarding the webinar. Any arrangement for the next webinar session may also be conveyed so everyone may come up with new and innovative ideas.

By following all the tips mentioned above you can make your webinar rocking and superb. Apart from these tips we recommend using a reliable webinar application such as Zoom Video Webinar as it offers flawless audio and video transmission with highly advanced chat features such as screen sharing, up to 100 speakers and unlimited audience, live recording and broadcasting.

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