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The time is popular for e-trainings, distant or e-learnings, webinars and on demand video lectures. Professional trainings and educational stuff is readily available over the internet. Students can increase their knowledge and professionals can boost up their working skills by learning from their homes or anywhere with a personal computer or mobile. Such opportunities are beyond question.

Online trainings and Educational Webinars are often considered interchangeable terms, but they are actually not. Both are different in terms of purpose and audience. Zoom.us is spreading awareness among individuals and organizations that when they should choose Zoom Meeting Rooms and when to go for Zoom Webinar.

Let’s now discuss Online Training and Educational Webinars separately to find the differences in their purpose, methodology and audience.

Online Training

The word training gives an impression of participating in similar sort of work. The learners of a training session have to practically implement their knowledge and skills to achieve their professional strategic goals. The virtual environment created for online trainings must be unified towards focused and specific discussions. At the end of virtual training there should be polls, recommendations and Q&A session.

Zoom Meeting Rooms are perfect solution for your online trainings. Zoom.us itself arranges training sessions for its professional clients to demonstrate its unique features which can make their online trainings ingenious and convenient.

Educational Webinar

Educational Webinars are held nationally and internationally. The target audiences of these webinars are always large and often diversified. An example is Zoom Webinar that offers online video sessions with 100 participants and unlimited audience. The purpose of attending educational webinars is to increase knowledge and to learn directly from native speakers and specialized people around the globe. The time duration of a video webinar is suggested to be not more than an hour, as long duration webinars are less productive and lack attendees’ full attention.

Zoom Webinars for Educational Purpose

Zoom Webinars are gaining much popularity in educational sector since 2014. These webinars are mostly held on broad educational topics with brief guidelines for the learners. A reason of popularity of zoom video webinar is its simple and user friendly dashboard. Educators can start an online lecture with or without video. They can turn their video on and off during the session and can also schedule lectures for a later time.

Virtual Class Room Experience with Zoom Webinar

Zoom.us brings to you the best virtual class room experience through its video webinar. You can chat, share screen, send data files and broadcast your session online on social media or YouTube.

Though the terminologies of virtual training and educational webinars are used interchangeably but they are quite different from each other. We recommend the perfect solution for both in the form of Zoom Meeting Rooms and Zoom Video Webinar which are the right choice to serve your professional and educational requirements.

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