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“Great Products Deliver Happiness to Users” This quote from Zoom, an enterprise online video conferencing and webinar service, proves exactly what Holistic Communications, one of Zoom’s solutions providers powering virtual and video conferences gives to each of their share of the happy seven hundred and fifty thousand business customers who use Zoom. It is easy for part of the ninety four percent of their IT establishments who would recommend Zoom from using it with their business partners.

Why Zoom is a smart financial move and the best video conferencing software solution decision for small businesses?

Zoom business webinars, deployed by Holistic Communications, is a smart business and financial decision, and a sound IT and organizational decision as a whole if you look at it from a global perspective. When looking at several different virtual sales webinars systems, business webinar services and online conferencing software solution systems for your small business there are several different options to choose from, but Zoom webinar has many features that stand out from its many competitors, and when comparing pricing strategies alone it is unrivaled. Pricing for Zoom through us, Holistic Communications, for full scale services which include:

Full Scale Enterprise Business level Zoom Video Conferencing Software Solutions: $27.99/month. Webinar options start from $56 per month, for 100 participants.

  • One on one meetings
  • HD voice and video
  • Personal room and meeting ID
  • MP4 and M4A local and cloud recording
  • Google Chrome and Outlook plugins
  • White boarding
  • Screen Sharing
  • Desktop and Application sharing
  • Private and group chats
  • User management
  • And much more

Webinar comes with many options from sign up features so you know who is attending. You can have passwords to enter, hide names of webinar participants. You can have up to 25 panelists, this is people who help in presenting in addition to the host of the webinar. Participants can ask questions and raise their hands. If you want them to get on stage virtually, you can make them a panelist while they are the question or participate in a discussion then push them back the crowd of participants who are listening. This is important as a webinar can have 10,000 participants. For a full understanding of features, ask our team today.

While Zoom costs less than $30 per month others cost well over $50 per month for less feature rich integration and state of the art technology, hardware and software. Holistic Communications and Zoom’s webinar conference software solutions also offer the finest quality HD quality video, audio, connection stability, feature uniformity across all devices and everything is with a one touch start to join meetings, webinars and conference calls no matter if you’re in the next room or in another country.

Zoom’s Revolutionary Features have what no other Online Video conferencing software solution offers

Zoom offers multi-dimensional feature-rich and customizable conference software that will boost your small, medium or large business practices and current communication protocols into overdrive with our robust and revolutionary features that our competitors can’t offer such as:

  • Integration and screen sharing of iPhone/iPad apps
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Simultaneous screen sharing ability
  • Group messaging
  • 323/SIP integration
  • Co-annotation with mobile collaboration
  • Screen sharing with audio
  • MPEG 4 cloud and client recording
  • Screen sharing of mobile apps
  • Virtual backgrounds for added integration and visual prestige
  • Chrome OS and Linux support
  • Facebook and YouTube Webinar feeds
  • And much more!

Holistic Communications and Zoom is cost effective and full of feature rich and integrated technology that is future forward and great for small, medium and large businesses alike. If you are interested in finding out more information, contact Holistic Communications for a free consultation today! Zoom is the best online webinar software solution for individuals, businesses, corporate clients, enterprise and anyone doing online selling to large audiences and non-profits or streaming your social media information to your fans. Get more out of life and deliver more happiness to your users with Zoom’s and Holistic Communications great products today.

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