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Growing businesses need to find creative ways to stay connected with their team as well as customers. The use of video conferencing and webinar software makes this possible to overcome many of the obstacles associated with meeting together with those who are not in the same physical locations. But each of these different software options has a wide range of different price points, features, and ease of use when compared to one another. Here we compare the ability to host a webinar through Zoom versus Join.me for your next online webinar.

Cloud Storage and Screen Sharing

Both Zoom and Join.me offer the ability to use cloud storage. This is one of the few areas that Join.me or gotomeeting and Zoom, are pretty close in what they offer for cloud storage and users can start with 1-5 GB of storage per month and go up to terabytes. However, the majority of users will find they run the software from their computer which holds the majority of the documents they need to access during a webinar. In addition, both software options make it possible for the person hosting the webinar to be able to screen share with other users during a presentation, making it possible to share with others without needing to store documents in the cloud. Zoom has storage option to box and many more depending on your current provider.

High Definition Quality

When hosting a webinar, it is particularly important to make sure the video and sound quality is of high quality. Join.me offers both video and sound capabilities. However, Zoom feature high definition quality video, when used with high quality cameras, which enhance the overall webinar experience. When used with high quality microphones, Zoom also has high quality sound features. However, at $14.99 a month for Zoom corporate virtual conferences compared to the $18 a month for Join.me the experience with Zoom business web meetings is the clear winner. Zoom video web conference system start with 100 participants rather than join.me who starts with 50. Broadcast to faceboom.com and youtube.com for even larger audiences.

Scheduling Features

One of the most important things about hosting a webinar is the ability to invite others to participate, and the ease of them being able to access the login information for the webinar. Both Join.me and Zoom make it possible to schedule the webinars in advance, automatically invite attendees, and provide login information for them to access the webinar. But there is an added feature with Zoom that makes it possible to also personalise these invitations to meet your specific needs. Or if you need to immediately start an online meeting and send an invite in real-time to a participant, Zoom makes this possible with only a few simple clicks.

Pre-Recorded and Saved Meetings

Both Join.me and Zoom business meeting system offer cloud space, which make it great for being able to save meeting information to be accessed later. However, Zoom also makes it possible to save a meeting, including video, audio, notes, chat, and whiteboard annotations to then be streamed from the company’s server. This helps to make it possible for the company to potentially expand their audience beyond what normal webinar software makes possible. As a result, it is pretty safe to say that Zoom virtual web conferencing is the clear winner when compared to Join.me for hosting your company’s next webinar training.


From all my use over the years of many solutions, Zoom unified communication still has the best quality audio over all competitors for VoiP and dial in/out. Amplification and dampeners to make all the same, even if you don’t have a headset. And when bringing it all together, no matter if 2 people or 10,000 and more, the experience is the same. It is simply the most effective and of the highest quality.

Zoom business technology for video conferencing, instant messaging and group chat make it the clear leader in its class. Ask our team at Holistic Communications to get a free trial start for your small, medium and large business, not for profit, enterprise or government plan today. Get 10 users and more options like video conference rooms as part of your free trial to truly test the full capabilities and see why you should be using zoom online video web solution NOW.

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