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There are a number of different factors which need to be taken into consideration when determining if the return on investment (ROI) for a webinar is meeting your company’s needs. To help ensure the ROI is maximized, there are a number of things that Zoom does to help increase the ROI. Zoom meetings also help to determine the data necessary for measuring webinar success.

Webinar Participation

One of the first numbers needed to consider when looking at the ROI of a webinar is the number of participants who are registered to attend, as well as the number of participants who then actually attend the webinar. For webinars that are intended to be used for training this is particularly important to make sure that the number of those participating in the training is sufficient for the investment that the company is making in hosting the webinar.

Improving the Bottom Line

One of the biggest ways of measuring a company’s ROI is by comparing the webinar participants with the number of customers who make a purchase of goods or services following the webinar. It is also helpful to look at the amount of the purchases made in comparison with those customers who did not purchase goods or services. When there are sales that result directly from the result of hosting a webinar or that were influenced from the webinar, it is easy to see if the ROI is significant enough or not to continue.

Enhancing Engagement

The number of participants who attend the meeting in its entirety helps to let the host know that participants are being engaged throughout the meeting. Zoom webinar software makes it possible to engage participants through the use of file sharing, screen sharing, and instant messaging. An additional benefit of using Zoom meetings is the ability to record webinars and make them available for future viewing by participants if the company desires. Or it can be viewed by the presenters to determine what ways they can improve on their engagement.

Accelerating Buying

When hosting, participants should have a clear “call to action” by the end of the meeting. For customers looking to make a decision about goods or services offered by your company, it can help to clearly identify what the next step is. The result is an increase in the number of decisions made by customers following a webinar and showing the ROI hoped for by a webinar program.

Identify Prospective Customers

When a webinar solution is used to help present a new product or service to potential customers, it makes it possible for the sales team to identify prospective customers. Because Zoom allows everyone to interact with one another in real time, including the ability to see facial expressions and body language not seen in a traditional conference call, it is easier to pick up on cues from the participants. This makes it easier to understand when participants are following the discussion, and knowing who is interested to follow up with after the meeting ends.

Increasing Brand Awareness

One of the most important things about any webinar is the ability to increase brand awareness. This is the case for both webinars with internal as well as external participants. As a result of participating in the webinar, all participants should have a clearer understanding of what the company seeks to accomplish and what the brand means. One way to also use a webinar to increase brand awareness amongst potential external customers is to pair the webinar program with social media. The number of likes and shares that a webinar brings can also help to increase the amount of awareness and potential participants who register for the webinar.

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