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The business world is all about making connections and links with other companies and businesses.  Doing so is a great way to grow as a company and learn from others. The use of a webinar can allow you to connect with people from all over the world.

However, as amazing and great technology is for us, there is one key factor that needs to be considered, and that is often overlooked that technology can help us with but cannot do for us.  The factor that is commonly overlooked is the follow-up. The follow up to a webinar is just as important as the promotion of the webinar and delivering the webinar itself. The follow up allows you to keep in contact with future clients, customers and investors and can help you get more people on board with your company.

Best time for follow-up

The best time for a follow up is 24 to 42 hours after your webinar. This allows your client to digest the webinar as well as gives your audience time to start forming an opinion about what they have experience. This time frame is crucial. Anything over 42 hours can lose clients.

When you conduct a follow up with your audience you are gaining a lot in return that can help you with future projects and webinars and you may also obtain a client or two.

Advantages of follow-up after your webinar

  • Some of these returns include feedback, opportunity and leads and as well as ROI
  • With the feedback that you will receive via follow up, you are able to get a better understanding of what kind of people have tuned in
  • From age, demographics, feelings about the presentation, your content and anything else that you may want to ask your audience to see how you can do better
  • A follow up can also secure any leads or opportunities that may have appeared during the webinar
  • It will also give you a better understanding of who you can pick from and help you research into them more so you can make a well-educated choice

Without a follow up involving a feedback survey, you will most likely be missing out of highly valuable information

A follow up is crucial to generating leads, opportunities as well as gathering feedback so you know what you can change or add the next time you create a webinar. When going ahead with a follow-up, you have only had a small window of opportunity to go ahead with it, or else you risk losing out on these possibly great opportunities. Reaching and going forward with a follow up should not overlook or missed if you are hoping to create a thriving business and open doors to greater things.

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