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Maybe you have been thinking about how to get leads and eventually convert them into customers; there are numerous approaches you may use amass those leads. But one of the best methods is by figuring out the persons who sign in to your webinars.

Webinars are really exciting when it comes to relating with leads and later turning them into clients. This is because webinars work as interactive tools and can be used to make a lot of progress when planning to create solid relationships.

With many things distracting your target audience, connecting with them through webinar under 30 minutes to 1 hour is really valuable. But you have to work with your sales and marketing team in other to improve alliance and close more deals.

So, how can we use webinars to close more deals?

  • Get feedback from your sales and marketing team frequently

If you want your “sales market” energy to flow, you need to communicate regularly with sales and marketing team and share ideas. And then create a webinar on your agreed solutions.

Rather than making webinars from a natural advertising perspective, meet with your sales reps and discover what topics and kinds of online webinars they consider their prospects replying to.

  • Work with your sales team on promotion

Do you wish your webinar promotion move to the next level? Work with your sales team! Whilst advertising is exceptional at promoting massively, sales understand how to hook up with prospects on an individual level.

Make your sales team get involved. Supply them with all the resources needed to be shared through a webinar. Urge them to invite people within their networks and inform their highest important account personally.

You could also tell your sales representatives to add to their email signature the link to the registration page.

  • Develop a communication plan to use after the webinar

The best time to link up with your prospects is immediately after your webinar. Attendees are likely going to customers because of the high level of interest shown. So you need to act fast.

But before you start to send out a lot of emails, there are some things you should do first. Below are some easy steps to help you develop a strong follow-up plan:

  • Analyze the record: Check your registration numbers, webinar poll responses, attendance rates to know if your KPIs were met through your webinar.
  • E-mail representatives: Keep your sales team informed by sharing important webinar KPIs, together with registrations, very much interested attendees, and also their prospects that registered and attended.
  • Create e-mail templates: Your sales reps can make use of e-mail templates for following up your personalized webinar. Make sure you could create a complete email marketing campaign to help direct your prospect.
  • Inform key prospects: Ensure your key prospects receive relevant content regularly in other to keep the communication moving ahead.
  • Plan e-mail blasts: Make sure your first follow-up message in done within 24 hours after the webinar, and ensure the webinar slides and recordings are added.

A webinar is a great source for converting your leads into clients. Also, it gives an opportunity to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with your customers and, if done correctly, the closing of deals will be faster.

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