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Conducting remote usability tests are to answer a very simple and concrete question for most technically advanced workplaces and that is, can this design implementation be used as it is intended? There is a common procedure or practice involved which is as follows:

  1. Have a co-worker go over the design implementation first and see how it looks
  2. Have them use it as it is intended- perform tasks as intended
  3. As they perform the tasks observe what they are doing
  4. Document and listen to what they are doing as they do it

This is the simplest form of remote usability testing at its core. When you broaden the spectrum to bring in subject matter experts and outside users by using online web hosting software solutions. you can gain a much better understanding of your design elements, where you can improve on your programs and your users dislike and confusions about your programs. Remote usability testing is an excellent source of research that uses virtual communications strategies that can record and detect voice and screens of users as they participate in using your apps, sites, programs or whatever they are testing the usability of for you from anywhere in the world. There is also the added benefit of quick testing ability, shorter testing and less recruitment time and effort. Holistic Communications has all the communications for video and meetings in one software solutions to power your next huge remote usability testing extravaganza for your most powerful app so get your free consult today.

Multiple Benefits of Using a Video conference software Solution for Remote Usability Testing

Doing remote usability testing gives you unbiased research data and honest reaction to your programs, apps and design creations in real time when you use Holistic Communications to deploy unified communications software solutions. You can get your client base, customers and even have people from around the world remote access to your programs and apps to be able to test and give you real-time data and feedback about specific content, interactions and experiences. There are many benefits to using Zooms web-based virtual video meeting software solutions for your remote usability testing such as:

  • Real-time interactions and feedback
  • No or low cost for small or medium sized businesses
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • No time constraints
  • No travel time
  • Instant access to participants and other testers
  • HD Voice and video streaming
  • Practice sessions
  • Flexible registration options
  • Customized branding
  • Dual screens
  • Customized chat
  • Customizable question and answer
  • Top notch security protocols

Get your free consultation with Holistic Communications today and host your Remote Usability Testing with Zoom online conference and meeting software solutions which will save you tons of time and money

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