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For a lot of marketers, webinars have been known to be an active way to get quality leads. In fact, it is reported that over 60% of marketers make use of webinars for their content advertising programs.

However, choosing the webinar topic and producing a powerful webinar calls for more planning and hard work than writing an article or a blog. It is not easy getting a topic but we are right here to assist with our eight go-to techniques that will help you think about how you can quickly get webinar topics that will help you achieve your dreams and satisfy your viewers.

  1. Talk with sales reps

Sales representatives are a treasure house of consumer understandings. They talk with clients every day, understand their top pain points, and know a way to talk to them when it comes to buying. Also, they understand what leads can help them in meeting their income quotas.

Arrange an hour meeting with your sales group to pick their brains. Listen carefully to them and if there is any concern you keep hearing over and over again and an online webinar might be an incredible way to address such concerns.

  1. Check famous blog posts

A blog is one of the best ways to pick webinar topics. Check the analytics of your blog and uncover which posts have the most shares, views, and comments. Similarly, check out the average time spent on the post to know if people actually read the whole article or left after reading the introduction.

  1. Go through your popular emails

You can know what your audience is clicking on and reading through by your most popular emails. They provide you with an insight of which topic work and which don’t.

To know the right topic to choose, go through your top five e-mail click-through rates and e-mail topics, and analyze them.

  1. Do Google keyword research

You can also have an idea of which topic your audience will surely need by using the Google keyword planner. Put in the numerous phrases you got from the steps above into the keyword planner and discover the exact phrases people are looking for.

  1. Examine past webinar questions

Pick a question that was once asked during previous webinars and make a webinar around it. This is the best approach because you are actually using a question asked by somebody who has shown some level of interest already. Therefore, these topics will bring high-quality leads.

When searching through questions for webinars, you can pick a frequently asked question or use different questions that can be covered under one main topic.

  1. Get ahead of trends

What are people saying about your industry? Are there new technologies or developments that require explaining? Is there any topic that is crucial to your target market that you can make right into a webinar collection?

You can predict what your target audience wants with these topics.

  1. Transform an eBook

You can pick one of your best-selling eBooks, or a document you have created already, and transform it into a webinar.  Since people are already interested in this topic and you have the necessary content. All you need to do is make some stunning pictures, or get some infographics from your book, and pick out your presenters.

  1. Social Media Platform.

Visit some social media platform such as Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit and so on and check out questions asked by business leaders about their businesses.

Discover what these questions are and provide a solution to them through a webinar. Make use of these hints to pick a fascinating webinar topic that your target market can’t resist.

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