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Picking online meeting software can oftentimes be intimidating. There are a number of different options available on the market, with different price points, features, and ease of use. Zoom meetings are not only easy to start using, but they are also reliable for a wide variety of different meeting types across multiple industries. Below are five reasons why your company can trust Zoom meetings to be your web based conferencing solution.

1 – Online Collaboration Tools

One of the best features of hosting a web meeting using Zoom, is the number of online collaboration tools available. The ability to easily use screen sharing allows all participants to see what is on the presenters’ screen. As a result, the presenter is able to go quickly between documents, videos, or other files to share with the entire group. The whiteboard feature allows the group to collaborate and brainstorm. But probably one of the best tools is the ability to easily save the meeting, including the whiteboard annotations, and group chat. This makes the need for note taking to no longer be necessary.

2 – Multiple Platforms

There are a number of different unified communications platforms available. Unfortunately, a large number of these platforms are only compatible with a specific type of system, resulting in them being limited in how they can be used. However, Zoom video conferencing is compatible with both Windows and Mac based computers. It is also compatible with most Android and Apple based mobile devices. The result is a video conferencing solution that is more flexible for all participants, and able to be used on the go.

3 – Ease of Use

Using Zoom video conferencing is very simple and straightforward. The majority of users are able to host a meeting within minutes of creating an account and inviting a participant to a meeting. In some instances, those using a computer that does not have a webcam or microphone may need to set up these items before use, and the majority of options available are compatible with the software. But once set up, they do not have to be reconfigured going forward and are ready to go moving forward.

4 – Grows with Your Business

Zoom meetings is designed to really grow with your business. For those companies with a limited budget for hosting online meetings, the free plan for allows a host the ability to conduct an unlimited number of short meetings, making it one of the best video conferencing solutions for small business. As the business grows, or the need for longer meetings increases, there are plans which are reasonably priced based on the number of hosts and participants needed by the company.

5 – Customer Support

Lastly, businesses can trust Zoom meetings as their video conferencing solution because of the excellent customer service provided. Whether using Zoom as a small business or as a large corporation, the highest amount of service possible will be provided to ensure all Zoom customers are satisfied with the services provided. Questions about different plans and pricing, or different features will be answered, and in the event a customer needs help troubleshooting customer service will be there to walk users through the solution. Ask the Holistic Communications team how you can deploy zoom.

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