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The European governing authorities back in twenty sixteen gave large, medium and small businesses two years to comply with a key piece of regulation which brings together all the regulations which span the entire twenty-eight bloc of the European Union. The main objective is allowing every business or corporation control over its personal data as it is collected individually. It will not just affect the corporations located within the European Union but those that do business with those organizations within the EU located outside the EU. For example, those businesses that sell services, goods or even monitor data or behavior of organizations within the confines of the EU bloc will have to comply with the GDPR regulations. The impact of the GDPR on businesses across the globe is going to be extremely significant. The GDPR regulation passing into law on May twenty-fifth of twenty eighteen supersedes a previous regulation called the Data Protection Directive. At Holistic Communications we totally understand controlling personal data, system solutions and having access to a full-scale security team. Call Holistic Communications, your only full scale unified software solutions provider today, for a free consultation with our team and see if there are any impacts on your requirements.

Major Policies of the GDPR

First and foremost for most organizations is the consent clause in most data companies offerings to businesses of all sizes. When data is offered at times consent is not granted but still data is given then charged for and these businesses are left holding the extremely heaving and expensive bag for years to come. The GDPR policy will reduce this burden and make these data companies responsible for their consent clauses and organizations will actually have to give consent in order to be given data. Gone are the days of bewildering and ambiguous clauses to get business owners to agree to sign on the dotted line to agree to large amounts of expensive data they simply don’t need. Along with consent being easy to understand it also must be easy to withdraw and be age appropriate which in the European Union means sixteen years of age. Other policies include:

  • The organization or persons involved have seventy-two hours to report the incident
  • User data is more accessible
  • What data is being used for will be much more accessible
  • The right to be anonymous
  • Third party opt-out
  • Transfer data at any time to another data carrier

Understanding Common Terms

We at Holistic Communications understand that technical terms can sometimes be daunting to understand and we want to help our consumers out during this transitional time. Some common terminology of the GDPR regulation is:

  • Data Regulator: A person, persons or business entity who regulates their own personal data. For example Holistic Communications is a data regulator when we provide webinars and web hosting conferences or all of our unified software solutions to all of our customers.
  • Right to Object: any entity or persons can submit to omit or stop their personal data from being transmitted at any time directly to the data regulator. Holistic Communications takes all of our unsubscribe emails and marketing directives sent to our teams with the utmost importance.
  • Sensitive Personal Data Security: anything to do with your personal ethnicity, race, political, religion, health, sexual background etc. At Holistic Communications our security team takes your sensitive personal data extremely seriously and we have the utmost in high end security solutions. We provide two hundred and fifty six bit AES encryption and safeguarded log ins.

Call Holistic Communications today for your free consultation and our knowledgeable staff will help you through the GDPR regulation overhaul and get you back on track with your safe and fast personal data software solution system today.

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