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Setting up a meeting room, in either a public conference area or in a corporate conference room requires some equipment to ensure it is a success. With the most recent advances in technology, it is important that the room be equipped with the tools necessary for video conferencing. In the past this required an elaborate and expensive setup, but with Zoom meetings it is possible to set up a virtual meeting room that is significantly more affordable than years past. Even so, there are still some minimum hardware needs that are required. These minimum equipment needs are able to be purchased in line with a variety of different budgets, making it more possible for even a basic meeting room to be set up to host small business video meetings.

Viewing Screen

One of the most important things in setting up a meeting room is to ensure there is a viewing screen that is viewable by multiple participants in the room. In the past, this would have been limited to the use of a television or an overhead projector screen. There is now a variety of different viewing screen options available, including projection screens, large flat screened computer monitors, or even large screen, slim lined, high definition televisions. Another option might include the ability to use a projector onto a large blank wall that is unobstructed, which is a viable option for those who have access to a high definition projector and looking to save additional funds. However, a high definition screen will be more effective in sharing a clear image with meeting participants. If a screen is selected, then a projector would also need to be included. However, a screen or monitor would not require the same.

Same speakers for all participants

In the past, conferences were wither held face to face, or required someone to call in using a phone that was then placed on speaker to be able to participate. While a number of teleconferencing solutions have made advancements in recent years, the growing trend is to no longer participate in meetings solely by telephone. Instead it is preferred to use a video conference to make the meeting feel more like if all participants were in the same room together. A good quality speaker makes it possible for everyone participating in the video conference to be able to hear every participant when they are speaking. The same speakers are also necessary in order for any videos or presentations to be heard by all of the participants. The added benefit of a modern virtual meeting room is the speakers because video and meeting participants are able to use the same instead of needing separate speakers for video and tele-participants.

Additional Accessories

There are some additional accessories that need to be included in a modern conference room. These would include a video camera and microphone so it is possible to host web video meetings with multiple participants in one room. This allows participants joining remotely to see the same thing as everyone else that is present in the conference room. Lastly, more meetings are held using a laptop computer than ever before. Therefore, it is important to ensure there is wireless internet facility in the room for the meeting to be able to be run smoothly. If this is not possible, then a network connection is necessary in the room, and careful consideration given for the cords that will be run in the room.

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