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H.323 is a technical term used to describe a protocol for providing unified telecommunications over the Internet. H.323 is an excellent option for those looking to host an online conference call with coworkers or customers. H.323 sets the protocol for transport of multimedia and control, call signaling, and bandwidth control for various types of conferencing. But for the majority of businesses, the technical aspect of H.323 is not important although it is significant for their ability to be able to host online meetings.

The Difference H.323 Makes

There are numerous web conferencing tools available to businesses today. Because H.323 is so effective at providing some of the best video conferencing solutions, it is being used by a large number of different SaaS companies. This is largely because it is able to provide one of the highest qualities of audio necessary for hosting a successful conference call. With its proven track record since 1996, H.323 has had many opportunities to showcase its abilities to enhance the web conferencing market. And as a result, it has come to be known for its ability to be one of the best online meeting tools available to consumers everywhere. It is very common in legacy room based meeting rooms and conference rooms.

Zoom Meetings and H.323

Zoom meetings has taken great pride in being able to be compatible with a number of different platforms. Knowing that H.323 has been popular with a number of organizations in the past, Zoom has also decided to offer H.323. There are currently two different options for this, which include one being hosted by Zoom, and the other being hosted by the company itself on their own servers. Either option is available as part of the add-on plan for the H.323 or SIP room connector. This plan option allows for five ports, which allows a single device to connect from that port at a time. To find out more about the plans for H.323 with Zoom, a member of the client services team is happy to answer any questions you might have.

Supported Devices for H.323 Zoom Meetings

One of the first questions larger companies have before committing to a unified communications solution is what devices are compatible with the product. Zoom Meetings is available as a “Room Connector” plan, which is compatible with most systems that support H.323 or SIP. An H.264 video connection and either a G.711 or G.722 audio connection are required for the equipment to be compatible. These devices are commonly already owned by larger corporations, which would make it possible for the organization to use this plan without purchasing additional devices. If unsure if your company’s device is compatible, two of the most brands of devices are those from Polycom video conferencing and Cisco unified communications. However for further clarification, a member of the Zoom meetings support team is more than happy to assist you in determining if your device is compatible. In the event your company does not already own a device, they can also assist you in deciding on what device your organization would need to purchase in order to ensure it is compatible.

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