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Interoperability is a big word that merely means a computer system and or software can exchange information freely between other computer systems and software.  For video conferencing systems, it means that two conference systems that operate on the same technology wavelength are in fact interoperable and they can work together with some to no flaws. There are video systems that cannot work together and they will not be able to connect with each other (Skype and Face time for example).

Cloud-based systems are a great way to work with interoperability. They allow for a simple to use Dropbox that all team members and clients can access anytime, anywhere. However, Dropboxes can still cause interoperability issues depending on which platform you are opening the file from.

Holistic Communications has created an app, Zoom, which combats these dropbox, cloud and interoperability issues. Zoom allows all systems and software across all platforms to become interoperable no matter what kind of device you are using. Zoom has easy to use video conferencing, a cloud-based file sharing area and easy to use Business IM. There is no need to worry that someone’s iPhone will not be able to conference in with someone else who is on a personal computer.  There is no need for plug-ins, and everything you need and everyone who needs to be there can come together effortlessly in one single meeting.

When it all comes down to it, interoperability plays a big part in our lives. It allows us to share and generate information between our different phone operating systems (iPhone and Android) as well as between our personal computers. People tend not to notice it in the world around us because, for the most part, it slips in seamlessly and goes off without a hitch.

However, even though interoperability and information sharing has become a part of daily lives, it seems not to have caught up to the virtual conference and meeting enterprise world just yet. Improving Interoperability in the enterprise world has become an essential factor in companies and app developers.

Many people in the business and enterprise world desperately need their video conferencing technology to have interoperability and be interoperable without the use of multiple apps and businesses. Without it, a lot of things can go wrong, and a lot of information can get lost.

Sharing between different systems and software no matter the platform can make a world of difference and make or break the next big meeting. Interoperability is key to all business and enterprises no matter how small or large.

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