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Use the Internet to Your Advantage: Web Conferencing and Internet Web Meetings

With the internet growing, it can be a blessing or a curse. With so much information out there and so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. And when it has to do with your business meetings, there can be big consequences if you make the wrong decision. Just as text messages and emails have replaced phone conversations, web conferencing is replacing the need for face-to-face meetings. And video and collaboration is replacing web conferencing systems. And with businesses growing internationally at a growing rate, keeping in touch with your team is more important than ever. Zoom conferencing, a unified video communication platform deployed by Holistic Communications, is your total teleconferencing solution. Unlike its competitors such as Webex, Skype/Skype for Business, Joinme, budget conferencing, pgi and intercall and Gotomeeting, it offers more than just a way to video chat. Use the internet to your full advantage with Zoom with enterprise web conferencing, secure messaging, content sharing and more business features for collaboration.

You Get Options with Zoom Web Conferencing

You get options when you choose Zoom for your online meeting needs. It’s the only collaboration tool that allows you to hold both video and audio meetings as well as share content from both computers and iOS and Android smartphones. It offers cloud video conferencing therefore you can collaborate whenever and wherever as long as you have access to the internet. And because its cloud based web conference solution, everything is stored in one easy to access place. Check out some of the great features you receive when you choose Zoom for your web conferencing needs:

  • HD audio and HD video
  • Voice detection no matter how you join the meeting
  • High definition screen share for both computer and smartphones (revolutionary!)
  • Annotation and co-annotation of meetings within the software
  • MP4 recordings and shared content stored in the cloud
  • Whiteboarding ideas to share with the team
  • “Hand raise” feature so you don’t have to interrupt when others are speaking
  • Secure messaging to individuals and groups
  • Several ways to connect to web meetings

With its high quality and versatility, Zoom internet conferences stands out amongst its competitors. In fact, if you are connecting from Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Oceana and any country in Asia Pacific, you are receiving the best quality available of any web conferencing software. No matter your web capabilities, Zoom controls the latency, performance and quality which allows you to stay connected to your business calls every time through:

  • Zoom Rooms video conferecning, Holistic Communications’ personal website login
  • View only mode, perfect for webinars and trainings with capabilities to broadcast live on YouTube
  • Your pre-existing polycom room system or other H.323/SIP endpoint
  • Free dial-in audio telephone calls over 65+ countries
  • Mobile app access for Apple and Android smartphones

Not only can you share ideas with other attendees in the virtual business meeting, you can share content directly to others with Zoom apps for mobile or desktop. Whether it is a PowerPoint, document, video clip or photo, Zoom conferencing allows you to share all of your information with others. This ground-breaking feature even works with smartphones, allowing you to stay engaged in meetings on the go.

Compatibility at its Finest

With Zoom Unified Communications Platform, you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to web conferencing systems. No matter how your virtual room is set up, if you’re at a desk or on the road or in a conference room, Zoom keeps you connected. And by combining the best online meeting tool with your high-quality Logitech video conference system, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving the highest quality possible. With so many options for hardware, Logitech has the answer to all of your web conferencing room based video conference needs. It also works with other video and audio conferencing equipment you may have including polycom room systems and other H.323/SIP endpoints, smartboards and tablets to control your meeting allow you to maximize your current hardware investment.

And the best part? No matter when or where you would like to meet, you can schedule your meeting at any time. It integrates with Google and Exchange calendars and consequently you can schedule meetings with ease without having to worry about scheduling conflicts. You can access a full list of scheduled, upcoming meetings, set reminders and start the meeting all within the Zoom cloud Unified Communications Platform. Don’t have a meeting planned? That’s okay too! You don’t have to have a meeting scheduled in advance to take advantage of Zoom’s great features.

It even integrates with Skype/Skype for Business as well as offers Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plugins so you have everything in one place. That way, if you are working with clients who don’t have Zoom, you can still use the platform while accommodating their technology needs. With so many ways to connect to Zoom, it gives you back control of meetings and communication and lets you take full advantage of your web connectivity.

The Best of Web Conferencing is Here and it’s FREE

That’s right! You can access many of the features of the Zoom Unified Communication video Platform for free. Holistic Communications wants to work with you to provide the best online collaboration tool possible and believes no one should be limited from having open communication with team members and clients. Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • Group meetings (40 minutes maximum)
  • Up to 50 participants
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Video conferencing features such a HD video; HD audio; active speaker, full screen and gallery view; free telephone dial-in
  • Web conferencing features including desktop and application sharing, meeting ID, flexible scheduling, Chrome and Microsoft Outlook plugins, MP4 and MPA recordings, messaging, host controls, raise hand
  • Group collaboration features including video breakout rooms; Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android compatibility; group messaging; screen share from any iOS app; co-annotation on shared screens; keyboard and mouse controls; virtual whiteboards; multi-share
  • Advanced security features for business, corporate and enterprise

By choosing Zoom web video conferencing solution, you are using the internet to your advantage by keeping your business connected without the infrastructure and management current needed. Every business is unique, and because of this, has unique needs. Let us partner with you and provide the best web conferencing system for video and audio communications.

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