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Zoom Offers Competitive Edge to Businesses through Virtual Web Conferences

In the past, companies have had to either work from a centralised office, or be willing to spend a substantial amount of financial resources on travel for team members to meet face to face with one another. But with recent advances in technology, this is no longer a necessity. Instead, your workforce is able to work from multiple locations and still collaborate with one another. Your team can meet from their office, home office, while travelling from a hotel room, at a client’s location, while in an airport or any other number of locations they are able to access the internet to join a virtual meeting with other team members. This technology allows your company to have a competitive edge over your competition.

Tangible Benefits

Some of the tangible ways your company can gain a competitive edge by using a virtual meeting to collaborate together include:

  • Reduction of workforce costs – when employees work from different locations, but are still able to collaborate using online collaboration tools there is a reduction in the expense needed for travel, the need for maintaining a large centralised office space, as well as the potential need to rent a location for employees to meet together.
  • You are able to immediately see an increase in your team’s productivity. When you are using the best online meeting tools, your team is able to collaborate as effectively as they would if they were in the same room together. In some instances, when your team uses Zoom meetings, your team is even able to collaborate more effectively because they are able to immediately file share or start a meeting at the push of a button instead of wasting valuable time returning to their office to send files or start a meeting.
  • Increases the pool of talent you are able to recruit. With the ability to use virtual meeting software your company is no longer restricted to hiring employees from a centralised location allowing you to hire candidates with the specific skill set you need and bring diversity to your workforce allowing you the opportunity to excel.
  • Gain more work time. Because employees are no longer required to spend as much time travelling from one worksite to another, you are able to use valuable time for your team to collaborate together. You will also find your team to be more rejuvenated and prepared to work together because they do not need to recover from multiple days of travel, and increase your employee’s satisfaction with their job.


Using Virtual Meetings with Customers

The use of a virtual meeting can also give your company a competitive edge with customers and clients, especially when the platform you use ensures your customer’s experience makes them feel like they are right in the room with you. Because Zoom video conferencing allows you to communicate with others through high definition video and high quality sound you are guaranteed to have the best online meeting experience possible.  Two ways you can use virtual meetings when working with clients include:

  1. Sales Meetings – If you need to make a sales presentation to a client in a different location from your sales team, instead of having your team travel to the client, you can meet using online video conferencing to allow you to present to the customer, and interact with one another just like you would if you were face to face with each other. An added benefit of using Zoom meetings to host your sales presentations is the ability to save your meeting to share with other people to view later. Similarly, you are able to invite multiple participants to the meeting allowing you to invite multiple customers to view the presentation at one time, saving your sales team even more time.
  2. Customer Support – There may be times when a customer has a question about a service or experience trouble using a product. When the customer calls wanting to get help with the issue. Without visual cues, sometimes talking over the phone does not always allow both people to communicate effectively what they are trying to get across to one another. It may also not be realistic to travel to the customer to assist them, and even if travel is possible, it may not be as quick as what the customer needs in order to solve the problem. By using Zoom meetings, you can immediately start a meeting and invite the customer to join you over a video conference so you can communicate more effectively. It also allows you to demonstrate and troubleshoot the product over video for the customer, helping them to be up and running quicker than other options available.

The possibilities for using a virtual meeting with your customers and sales team are endless. But the potential is only as good as the software you are using to collaborate with your team, clients, and vendors.

Virtual meeting software also allows you to conduct companywide training seminars through the use of a webinar. Just like smaller scale meetings, the tangible benefits of an online webinar for larger groups exist. Add to it the additional benefit of being able to bring multiple teams throughout your company together without the huge travel expenses or need to organise a location large enough to host everyone in attendance. In addition, your training department is able to train more employees at one time. With all of the changes with new technologies being introduced regularly, many industries also need to constantly update employees on industry standards and norms. The use of online webinar software to communicate this information to multiple employees also helps your training department to ensure more staff are up to date on matters which impact your company’s industry, and also makes their ability to work efficiently increase.

Add to this the benefits of getting multiple teams together within your company allows your employees to collaborate with other departments they may not regularly interact with on a daily basis and your company will continue to have an edge over others. As a result of multiple departments working together, employees are able to gain new insight and perspectives on how different teams play a role within the big picture goals of the company. When employees see how they are vital to the overall function of the company they feel valuable and take pride in the work they are doing.

Selecting the Right Online Video Conferencing Software

The better your software, the greater your ability to stay ahead of your competition. With so many different platforms available on the market today, like GoToMeeting and Skype for business, it is often difficult to determine which of these providers will best meet your company’s needs. The software you use should be able to be implemented easily. In most cases, customers of Zoom are able to install the software, connect a webcam and microphone, and immediately begin to host their first meeting. It is also able to be used on multiple types of devices, making it versatile for use with multiple employees who may use Windows or Mac based computers, or who prefer to join a meeting from an Android or Apple based mobile device.

In addition, the best software offers a number of collaboration tools for your team to easily access during the meeting making it possible for your team to work more effectively and efficiently. Some programs only allow you to video chat, while others may allow for one or two additional features. Zoom offers the ability to have multiple features within the meeting. Some of these features include, file sharing, screen sharing, saving meeting video and audio, instant messaging, and the use of a virtual whiteboard to make notes or brainstorm.

Many software applications have a number of features and are fairly easy to use, but they can come at a cost many companies are not able to afford. Other options may offer free software, but usually these options come with limited features or only allow your company to have a trial period to access. Or they may offer you some features at an additional cost, even if your company may not use those feature. However, Zoom has a number of different plans to help meet your company’s needs to host a virtual meeting, including a free plan to allow you to host short meetings with no trial period limits. As your company’s needs increase past the point of hosting just short meetings, the transition between plans with Zoom is almost seamless, making it possible to grow with you.


If your company is ready to gain a competitive edge over other companies through the use of virtual meetings, it is important for you to start off with a software provider who can offer you opportunities for growth from the very beginning. Zoom meetings is able to be used and managed quickly and easily allowing you to get started right away. We are confident you will see how excellent meeting software like Zoom will help you excel within your industry. Our team is ready to help answer any questions you may have, and to ensure you find the right one to meet your needs.

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