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Through the technological innovation of video web conferencing, it has become possible for people to attend meetings without being present in a single location. Meeting rooms are no longer necessities, as companies can now hold important or instant meetings through video calling platforms like Zoom, and its competitors like Skype for business, Joinme, Webex and audio conferencing providers.

With an effective platform like Zoom, setting up an online business meeting is a breeze. The Basic Personal Meeting package is free. All you need to do is sign up and you can start hosting a meeting with up to 100 participants. This package also comes with unlimited one-to-one meetings, online support, group meetings with 40-minute limits; and unlimited number of meetings. The features you will enjoy include:

Web Conferencing

  • HD voice
  • HD video
  • Gallery and full screen view
  • Active speaker view
  • Simultaneous Screen Sharing
  • Virtual Background
  • Joining by phone call-in

Web Conferencing Software Solution

  • Desktop sharing
  • Application sharing
  • Scheduled or instant meetings
  • Meeting or personal room ID
  • Scheduling with Chrome Extensions
  • Outlook and Chrome plug-ins
  • Private chat
  • Group chat
  • M4A or MP4 local recording
  • Raise hand
  • Host controls

Group Collaboration options in the web conferencing platform

  • Breakout Rooms
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Group messaging
  • Group presence
  • Screen sharing any iPhone/iPad app
  • Mouse/keyboard control
  • Co-annotation on the shared screen
  • Multi-share
  • Whiteboarding

The capacity to join in video conferencing provides several benefits and that is why it is now used by companies of any size these days. The benefits being offered by Zoom virtual business meeting technology are as follows:

Increased Productivity from implementing virtual web conferencing

Through video conferencing, employees and managers can attend meetings from anywhere – even from their own homes.  It gives employees the chance to interact with each other, their clients and their superiors without the need to travel to the office or any specific location or meeting place. This method frees up everyone’s time, providing them extra time to do more productive work, more projects and important tasks.

Economic Savings from online web conferencing systems

By not requiring employees to travel to any place (like offices in another city, state or country) in particular to attend an important meeting or conference, companies are saving substantial amount of money. In the past, it would be necessary for companies to spend money on a lot of expenses like vehicle fuel/airfare, hotel/lodging and food. Through platforms for virtual video meetings though, these expenses can be effectively avoided.

Increased Productivity and Improved Customer Relations

Video conferencing allows employees to build good relationships with their clients without visiting them or taking too much of their precious time. Fact-to-face meetings are the most effective means of increasing client trusts, thus improving customer relations, and the online business meeting feature by Zoom makes that happen.

Business Video Web Conferencing in Different Industries

Video conferencing is now being utilised by companies from different industries. There are industries though which are more reliant on this feature because they do get more benefits. These industries include:

Manufacturing Industry

Most manufacturers require modern video technologies so that they can effectively run their business operations and collaborate with their branches, offices and clients around the globe. These companies need work spaces for collaborating with their teams (both local and remote) regarding everything concerning the business – from production ingenuities to supply chain administration. Whether these work spaces include conference rooms or training facilities, having an up-to-date virtual business web meeting in place considerably increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the meetings and the processes.

Media Industry

It is important for people working in the media industry to meet strict deadlines and to collaborate with their peers, advertisers and sources to achieve effective and productive reporting and increased business achievement. Video is a medium which the media groups now thrive on. Daily staff meetings and editorial conferences are commonplace, and employees may be dispersed or assigned in different locations across the globe. Video conferencing and advanced audio/video rooms can quickly connect the teams to ensure timely reporting and meetings.

Legal Industry

Law firms and other legal companies can utilise video conferencing solutions in conducting remote and onsite meetings, negotiations and depositions. Additionally, litigation usually requires interviews and conferences where the capacity to record non-verbal and verbal cues is very vital. During such important meetings, the functionality and quality of the company’s audio/video system is a priority. Advanced conferencing systems guarantee that these significant moments are effectively captured without glitches. The legal industry are big users of audio conferencing, online web conferencing and virtual video meetings and video meetings rooms or video conferencing rooms.

Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, research centres and doctors’ offices depend on support from various facilities and professionals, some of whom are not usually local, thus making communication and focusing on mission significant tasks challenging. By using a reliable online web conferencing platform to a healthcare facility, providers effectively improved the quality of services through seamless face-to-face video communication. Telemedicine is something that is giving the health industry a big leap into providing better services and care for the public.

Government Industry

Government agencies and offices utilise virtual web conferencing to increase response times, improve productivity, lessen distance barriers and reduce costly travel-related expenses. Government operations necessitate safe collaboration solutions that produce prolific environments where task-critical communication, real-time surveillance systems and distance education programs are major priorities. There are so many government agencies, departments and owned entities which need to gather together to work out legislation or collaborate in achieving or delivering services. The video and web conferencing solutions need to be secure, easy to use for government staff and the countries citizen equally.

Education Industry

Educational institutions and organisations can enhance learning environments, as well as their programs for distance learning through the implementation of web collaboration and presentation systems and solutions like touchscreen and interactive displays technology. When working in an educational setting, it is vital to have dependable and consistent audio/video technology to make sure that the learning setting is effective and the environment is properly used. With students always learning from home over the internet or web, to at school or university or an educational institution your systems needs to accommodate all.

HD Video Web Conferencing Problems and Troubleshooting

Like everything else in this world, HD video conferencing is not perfect. There is no single video or audio conferencing service that will work for everyone, all the time. All fail at some point in time. Some services deal with certain situations that they can really not work on at all. But, of course, you cannot expect these limitations to be advertised. So, what happens then? Users get to deal with frustrations of failed virtual video meetings.

One of the most obvious ways to solve these issues is to have an in-house IT support. Failing that, companies may have to depend on the customer support services provided by their chosen video conferencing service company. With Zoom web meeting solution, you can visit their support page and from there, known issues and troubleshooting methods are indicated for the users to explore and use.

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