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When holding a video web conference, it is important to ensure that all of your participants are engaged in order to get the most out of the meeting. There are many different ways to engage participants, but some techniques are more effective than others to be able to engage everyone. Zoom meetings has made it possible to ensure participants are engaged by using the best practices possible, by using a number of different web conferencing tools. Seven of these best practices are mentioned below.

1 – Messaging

One of the most common frustrations with hosting any meeting is the potential for participants to talk over one another. With a video conference this can be even more frustrating as it can distract from the ability of the other participants to be able to hear one another. Zoom meetings offers participants the ability to use instant messaging to communicate proficiently. This makes it possible for two people to say something to one another or share a document without taking away from the discussion already taking place.

2 – Brainstorming

Another way to engage participants is to use brainstorming, where all participants are able to exchange their ideas or solutions to a problem. One of the best web collaboration tools for being able to brainstorm is the use of the whiteboard feature in Zoom meetings. The whiteboard makes it possible for annotations to be made, and to have them saved quickly for future reference, allowing all participants to engage instead of having to worry about someone taking notes for the meeting.

3 – Screen Sharing

One of the best things about a web video conference is the ability to be able to see one another. But when working together, it is often necessary for all of the participants to also be able to see documents or videos at the same time. In a traditional face-to-face meeting, this is effortless to do, but when hosting a virtual web conference, the ability to screen share allows all of the participants to see the same thing without being in the same location.

4 – Toll Free Calls

Nothing is more frustrating than being invited to a meeting and then having to pay for the phone call or for the meeting software just to be able to participate. When this happens, it can be a deterrent, especially for customer, to participate. For this reason, Zoom meetings offer toll free conference calls.

5 – Multiple Platforms

In order for participants to be able to engage with one another, and to be able to use all of the different collaboration tools, it is important for the meeting software to be compatible with a number of platforms and Operating Systems. Zoom has been featured to be used on a PC, laptop, including both Windows and Mac based operating systems including Android and Apple mobile devices.

6 – File Sharing

Often when attending a meeting, someone realizes they need a specific document for the meeting they had not anticipated. Zoom makes it possible to easily access the document without having to leave the meeting. It also makes it possible to file share the document with another participant. This is particularly important to make sure that it is not overlooked after the meeting is finished.

7 – Inviting Attendees

Lastly, in order for participants to be able to actively participate, they need to be invited to the meeting. While this may appear obvious, some meeting software programs make it difficult to invite attendees. Or they might invite participants without providing all of the necessary access information for them to participate. Zoom makes it possible to effortlessly invite attendees, provides all of the access information, and also makes it possible to invite additional attendees even after the meeting is started.

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