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Virtual teams in a business enterprise are finding it tough to manage their meetings effectively anytime and anywhere with the growing challenges of competition on a global scale and market demands that are continuously shifting. Technology is changing at a rapid rate and has given an opportunity to business project managers to facilitate stable communication with proper tools. You can now conduct virtual meetings among colleagues who are placed at different locations in the world. They will now be able to work remotely and you will be able to present several agendas to them with relative ease than what was possible in the past.


Here are ten tips on how to make your meetings successful –

  1. You can send out the meeting themes and agendas, well in advance – You can now prepare and then distribute the business agenda and meeting pre-work before your online virtual meeting actually takes place. This way, you will be able to keep your meeting totally focused on going through those agenda items.
  2. You can have the virtual meeting tasks assigned properly – If you are the facilitator of the virtual meeting, you can get trained in group dynamics and be skilled in cross cultural appreciation and languages. Yu have to ask relevant questions and manage time effectively. You can assign a time keeper and a note-taker to operate your business virtual meetings. These roles could be rotated regularly among your team members.
  3. You can use stable ground rules during your meeting – You can take a decision on ground rules well in advance of your business meeting and remind all participants about these rules. These rules may include introduction of all members who are participating in the meeting, saying their name before they speak or using relevant mute buttons to block out background noises.
  4. You can keep the participants informed of the meeting’s end result – You can have the objectives of the meeting stated clearly at the onset of that business call so that all the participants are aware of the end results which are desired by you for this particular meeting.
  5. You can engage your business team around the process of this virtual meeting – During that meeting, you can reinforce the entire process of the meeting with the participants. You can ask them to incorporate feedback into the later phase of that meeting.
  6. You can have immediate intervention when you feel that the meeting agenda is going off track – When someone is out of sync or the meeting is drifting off the main topics or if someone is not following the ground rules, you can intervene firmly and get the meeting back on track.
  7. You can maintain everyone’s self-esteem by making sure that the meeting is being conducted in a respectful manner – You can facilitate model and respectful behaviour among your meeting participants. They have to learn to respect the ground rules of the meeting and stay in focus on the agenda and proceed without being critical of others or passing judgments on others. If a person tries to dominate the proceedings or is disturbing others with side conversations, you can have the conversation refocused.
  8. You have to make sure that every participant is involved in order to maximise the input potential – The meeting should provide an interactive experience for every participant, particularly when they have the facility of being connected through cloud virtual technology.
  9. Have a debriefing done at the end of this virtual meeting – This can be done by asking your team members about what they found valuable about this meeting. You will be able to assess and match the predetermined agenda with the intended result. At the end of the meeting, there can be summarizing and reinforcing next action steps.
  10. You can finally measure the effectiveness of your virtual business meeting – There are few things that may work and others that do not work after a meeting is over. You can make the necessary adjustments for your next meeting. Some participants may not be essential for your agenda.

These ten tips will help you in making your virtual meetings successful.

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