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Unified communications strategies bring together face to face communications, voice over IP, data services, instant messaging, and emailing much more for large and small groups across miles or across hallways. For small or medium sized businesses Holistic Communications offers Zoom unified communications and collaboration tools and solution systems. Zoom offers many tools and benefits for small and medium sized businesses that are easy to manage at affordable prices, customizable, scalable and use state of the art hardware and encryption services to keep your data safe and secure. When it comes to audio quality there simply no solution which offer the clarity and audibility of Zoom audio conferencing over the web or when using the apps. If you need multiparty, more than 3 people in a meeting, or even up to 10,000 plus people in a webinar or large meetings, then zoom web conferencing application stands out from any other solution for performance and usability. Each participant gets the best experience  everytime.

Multi-Staged Licensing

Owning a business today is extremely rewarding but can be demanding and not having to worry about your mobility and your online meeting software and by having Zoom as your all in one unified communication solutions can save you a ton of time and money. Zoom offers small and medium sized businesses:

  • Many different modules to choose from
  • Many different scalable options
  • Fifty participant to start
  • Instant messaging
  • HD audio
  • HD Video
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Developer Platforms
  • API’s
  • 323/SIP Connector and so much more all as the standard package

Cost and Time Savings

There is nothing more precious to business owners than saving time and money and getting Holistic Communications All in One best video conferencing for small business Communications Solutions Bundle will save you both. You can save costs up to seventy percent by signing up for the best online collaboration tools on the market today, Zoom, and with our proven track record of security measures and professional customer service technicians and representatives, you will be taken care of every step of the way.

Staying Connected All Over the World

Holistic Communications and Zoom offers the fastest growing Cloud based meeting platform on the market and it comes with:

  • Multiple languages so if you have team members in multiple countries across the globe
  • App integration in multiple languages
  • Interfaces in English, Spanish, Japanese, German and Chinese
  • Video conferencing that is software designed to be affordable and always HD quality
  • Software can work with old or new hardware including H323/SIP
  • One platform for your entire business
  • Collaboration that is easy, fast and all in one video conferencing room or across multiple Zoom Rooms
  • Screen Sharing ability
  • Touch Screen Capable
  • Whiteboards
  • Multiple cameras
  • Proximity controls and one touch room entry

If you want easy, fast and reliable meetings that will work every time, get Zoom from Holistic Communications today. We offer the best online collaboration and communication solution strategy to make your business run smoother, faster and stronger with better communication across borders than any other for less with less stress and less hassle. You can try Zoom as a free trial for one month with no worry or get the business unified communications solution today for only twenty seven ninety nine per month with over ten hosts and be well on your way to communicating with all your employees and investors in no time. Upgrade for the same amount to the Enterprise video conferencing communication strategy and get Lync and Skype for Business free along with even more free customization for the same price today. Get your free consultation now!

Business and corporate web conferencing software needs to have all the feature you need to do your job, this include sharing video live during your meeting, like YouTube or Vimeo or your corporate video online for marketing or training purposes, hands down it is Zoom business web conferencing which you should be deploy and using for your every day meetings. Ask us how to get live and start the best meetings you have ever had.

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