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There are many different types of consulting firms in the world and almost all of them are in business to make a difference and provide some sort of profound business solution for their clients. Zoom from Holistic Communications offers many options for consulting service providers in terms of all-in-one communication solution strategies to help these providers of solution oriented firms to be able to bring face to face communications to their clients while keeping their data and networks secure. There are a vast number of consulting businesses who could benefit from an excellent communication solution. For example if you own operations consulting business who can streamline other corporations’ operations policies and procedures or an IT consulting firm  who takes old technology and develops and integrates new technology into other corporations systems thus remapping a whole new technological network of systems essentially revamping an entirely new business structure. Whether you own and operate a marketing consulting business, human resource or even marketing and strategy consulting firm Zoom’s ultra-advanced high quality communications software solution will help bring your business to the next level on both a business to business and business to client level.

Empowerment and Competitive Edge

By integrating Zoom into your consulting service provider business you are empowering your employees to be proactive, reach out to your clients with a faster, more individual response time and with a more personable touch. You are giving your consulting firm a competitive edge above and beyond that of your competition in your market segment by being reactive and proactive to the needs within the digital age and the face to face interaction of this digital era. Clients need and want to feel they are getting individualized treatment and using Zoom Rooms and giving them face to face time and particular attention with our all-in-one communications solution strategy will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

Increased Reach and Operational Cost Reductions

By using Zoom powered by Holistic Communications you will significantly reduce your operating costs by allowing your employees to log in from wherever they are, whenever they are available and allowing clients to contact them at their convenience. There is no longer set hours of operation with paid overtime and serious overhead costs. You also increase your customer reach and availability with Zoom’s video conferencing and instant messaging services allowing increased productivity and collaborations. It allows for your employees and customers the freedom to collaborate and use team work while being mobile at the same time saving you a ton of money and time which are extremely important to the overall running of a successful consulting business.

If you want to run a successful consulting service provider business in today’s digital world you need to get Zoom for your small to medium sized business. Zoom has been named by Gartner as the Magic Quadrant Leader in meeting solutions and is the most affordable, easiest to use and integrate than any other unified communications solution strategy on the market today. Get your free trial from Holistic Communications today.


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