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*9 Reasons Why Zoom Meetings is the Best Online Conference Tool and Should be Your Company’s Next Purchase

With the internet growing, there are more and more ways to collaborate with teams around the world. However, finding an integrated platform to do it can be difficult. Enter Zoom online meetings platform, deployed by Holistic Communications. This cloud meeting software uses technology to allow you to video conference, collaborate with groups via computer or smartphone and host group meetings all with advanced security measures to ensure your meetings stay private. Competitors like Webex, Skype/Skype for Business, Joinme and Gotomeeting focus on one or a few features, but Zoom is the only product that integrates all the features you want together into one unified communication platform. Zoom meetings is built specifically with mobility and video in mind on the newest technology so your meetings simply work every time. With only having to learn one thing, it makes working together a breeze. Instead of spending time learning multiple platforms, Zoom is the one-stop solution to get you working faster. Here are the nine reasons we think Zoom should be your next choice in cloud meeting software. With Zoom web conferences and Holistic Communications on your side, you will have a leg up on your competition and stay connected with your team to get your job done better and faster.

  1. 1 – Video Conferencing

Zoom gives you and your team access to cloud video conferencing no matter where you are. Attendees can access the video conference through Zoom Rooms video conferencing, the company’s personal website login; view-only mode, great for webinars and syndicated video, including broadcasting option to YouTube live for an unlimited audience; H.323/SIP polycom room systems compatibility, for when you can get a group together to synthesize ideas; or free telephone dial-in from over 65 countries. If you are holding web conference over the internet from countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippines, Japan, and any country in Asia then Zoom virtual meetings is #1 for quality. With so many options, no one on the team should be excluded next time a meeting rolls around without worrying about compromising quality. The system even includes a “hand raise” feature so you can collaborate without worrying about cutting someone else off.

  1. 2 – Only the highest quality

Holistic Communications offers better quality than any of its competitors. That’s a bold claim, but it is true. With HD video, HD audio and an easy-to-navigate system, Zoom outlasts all of its competitors. The quality does not stop at the audio and video, though. The system also has voice detection regardless of the system you are using. The high quality extends to screen sharing where you will get high resolution screen views to make it easier to follow along.

All features allow you to personalize your video conferences according to your team’s specific needs. Zoom is the teleconferencing solution you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  With free dial-in there is no excuse for teams not to be collaborating effectively.

  1. 3 – Versatility

Zoom is versatile. What other video conferencing system lets you attend meetings in so many ways? It is versatile just like your business needs to be. Not only that, it allows users to connect on both computers and smartphones and Zoom videoconferencing is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. No more frustration for the Mac users of the world who need to download additional software just to use software designed for Windows systems. Whether you need to video conference, have a chat or work through a video demonstration, Holistic Communications’ Zoom system can meet your needs. It is a safe collaboration tool; so if you have a quick question for the group chat or need a tutorial using screen shares to get the job done, it call all be done on one platform.

If you are working in the office, the versatility allows you to customize your experience. You can easily switch between full screen and gallery views when video conferencing with a team, and the system is compatible with dual screens.  Now you can stream on both screens and get more done.

Need to have a quick chat but don’t have a scheduled meeting? That’s okay! You can host instant meetings to troubleshoot problems on the go. Rather have something planned? Zoom works with Google Chrome and Outlook plug ins so you can schedule meetings without having to worry about it conflicting with someone’s schedule.

  1. 4 – Good for on-the-go

If you find yourself traveling for work and have an urgent team meeting, you now have the assurance the meeting won’t go on without you. Zoom internet video meetings works with not only computers but also smartphones and tablets. And can handle all network bandwidths and challenges. This keeps you and your team members connected whether you’re rushing through the airport, grabbing a cup of coffee, or problem solving with team members on the other side of the world. The messaging system works across platforms and even works with push-to-talk features on smartphones.

Zoom conferencing allows you to be fully present in your virtual meetings with its screen share and whiteboarding features. Share your screens, Powerpoints, applications and video with sound in high definition or low if host have network challenges, and share your thoughts as you work together to problem solve for the future of your company.

  1. 5 – Mobile Compatibility

This has been hinted at already, but Holistic Communications has your solution to your mobile work problems. You can connect to the system regardless of what platform you are on and fully participate in meetings. That includes sharing documents, photos, video clips and more right from your smartphone. That’s right. Zoom lets you screen share your iPhones and iPads too(android has just been released). With this unique feature, you don’t have to halt progress just because someone has gone mobile. Now it is even easier to get the job done, regardless of location.

  1. 6 – Didn’t catch that?

Sometimes, meetings go so fast that you don’t have time to catch everything or want to reflect back on what happened later. With Zoom, you don’t have to pick between being fully present in the online virtual meeting or haphazardly taking notes so you can keep all the thoughts for later. The software annotates and co-annotates, giving you back the control. Want more? The system also features MP4 recording of video and/or shared content. That way, you won’t just have the notes from the meeting, but the video and shared content too. With competitors, you have to download additional software to record the video or can only take screen shots of shared content. Zoom goes above and beyond by incorporating this feature into the system. It is obvious they know their clients have a busy job and make it as easy as possible to use and re-use the content they create.

  1. 7 – It’s secure.

No one can promise 100% security but I would bet on Zoom Unified Communications Platform deployed by Holistic Communications being able to keep my work safe. It works with work emails, SSO or Google Logins and has Secure Socket Layer (SSR) encryption so you have peace of mind when exchanging confidential information. It also features AES 256-bit encryption, HTTPS access, role based access control and admin feature controls.

Holistic Communications gives users the control of their own privacy. That means Zoom gives you the tools to protect your information, you just have to do it wisely. It is even safe enough for medical professionals to consult on projects and is HIPAA compliant. Just ensure unauthorized third parties cannot record or listen to the videoconference and outline a protocol for text chat, screen sharing and file transfer. If patients can trust doctors to consult using Zoom, I feel secure in choosing it as the go-to teleconferencing solution

  1. 8 – It’s trusted.

Over 500,000 businesses choose Zoom Unified Communications Platform around the world including a majority of universities and health providers who use the real-time web conference systems. The website is a tell all about all of its features and includes testimonials of the company’s successes. It may not be direct word of mouth, but with the extensive network of customers, you are sure to find someone in your own network who can attest to its many strengths. Case studies range from Acting in the Digital Age to technically simple to Daily Mafia, who uses Zoom as a gaming platform, to Columbia Business School to Virtual Mediation Lab, which uses the software to settle disputes and train mediators.

If you need help while using the video conferencing software, you can receive live support on the website. Regardless of whether you don’t know what to do next or you need to troubleshoot a problem, someone is there to help. There are also Video Tutorials to show you how get things done step-by-step.

  1. 9 – Best price on the market

While reading this, I know some of you are wondering the damage such an inclusive platform would do to your budget. The answer is surprising. Video conferencing is free. The on-site deployment option, which allows you to hire a team in your city, your country or anywhere around the world, is free. The unified communication platform is available for only $22.99 AU per month, that’s less than $18 US per month. With its versatility, high quality and ease of use, Zoom video solution is the best option for small and large businesses alike. It helps you stay efficient so you can concentrate on getting the job done instead of stressing because you can’t keep in contact with your team. With its annotation and video recordings, you can keep your meetings for future use. And with Zoom’s mobile compatibility, including screen sharing, there is no question that Zoom Unified Communications Platform deployed by Holistic Communications is the best online meeting tool on the market and should be your company’s next purchase. With all these free features as part of the overall system, you have everything you need.

If you or anyone in your teams are looking for the best online video system for audio, web and video communications then ask our team at Holistic today how to get started.

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