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When hosting an online web conference, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when trying to determine if your meetings are a success or not. Just because you have an excellent unified communications platform or online business video conference service provider, does not mean you will be successful in meeting your online meetings goals. There are other aspects which you need to ensure you are able to implement while using the web conferencing tools in order to ensure your success. Without doing so, you will fall short in, at least, one of these areas; and not accomplish what you have intended to do with your online business conference.

For most people, experience is needed in order to perfect the process of hosting online web conferences. Like most people, you may be excellent at promoting the meeting, and communicating to participants why they need to be in attendance. You might even be great at providing attendees with the necessary information and reminders to make sure they have all of the information needed to participate. But then your expected outcomes from the meeting are not what you expected. Participants may not participate in the entire meeting, or those who do participate for the entirety may still not make the decisions and complete the follow-up expected following the meeting. Or you may be great at delivering the presentation aspect of the meetings, but fall short in promoting your meeting or providing information to participants to ensure they are in attendance.

Like many things in business, it is not uncommon for you to be strong in one area, and find you are lacking in a different area. For this reason, it is necessary for you to be able to measure how effective you are in each of the multiple areas of online web conferencing. Doing this makes it possible for your company to ensure you are able to improve upon previous experiences and make the adjustments necessary to be able to meet your intended goals. You may be asking, how do you know which areas you need to collect data about, and once you get the data, how do you know what it means?

Each of these areas can be referred to as online web conferencing analytics. Each of these areas provides you with the data necessary for you to be able to determine where you are successful and where you need improvement still. Below are 4 of the primary analytics you should be tracking in order to measure your success, and to determine where you need to consider focusing your efforts for improvement.

1 – Online Web Conferencing Registrants

The exact number of registrants is dependent upon the specific company, and the overall goals for the online web conference. If your goal is to use the web conference to inform all of your company’s employees about open enrolment benefit options, you might expect to have 100% registration compliance by your employees. For a small company, this may be only a handful of people, but for a larger corporation, this could mean hundreds of employees are expected to be in attendance. However, if the purpose of your meeting is that your company is looking at providing your current customer base with the opportunity to hear about a new product line, and to see product demonstrations, the likelihood of having 100% of your customers register for the conference is not likely. In addition, the size of your current client base will also skew the numbers. If you make the meeting available for new customers as well as existing customers, these numbers may also increase slightly depending on the promotional efforts your company uses.

Even though these numbers may differ greatly depending on the particular niche of the meeting being held, the overall numbers are still important. For instance, a low amount of registrants is likely a reflection of the amount of advertising and effectiveness of the publicity you have generated while inviting participants to register. If your registration numbers are low you need to look at the way you promoted your online conference. Was the purpose of the meeting clearly communicated? Were the times offered ideal for the audience? Was the topic being covered relevant to the audience? Depending on how you answer each of these questions, will determine how you change your promoting tactics going forward.

Another thing to consider when looking at the number of registrants is the ease of inviting attendees to the meeting. Many platforms only allow for participants who have pre-registered, and who have the necessary login information to attend the meeting. However, when using Zoom meetings, a simple email invite is all that is needed to provide the participants with the information necessary to attend the online conference. In addition, there is the ability to invite participants even after the meeting has started, making it possible for last minute attendees to join the conference as well.

2 – Online Web Conferencing Attendants

Once you know how many people registered to attend the business web conference, it is also important to know how many of these actually attended the conference. If the ratio of registrants to attendees is low, you know you are not being effective in communicating the attendance information or sending reminders to participants leading up to the web meeting. It might also mean the purpose for the meeting was not clearly communicated, or the registrants felt like the information was not relevant, so they disregarded the attendance reminders. If the ratio of registrants to attendees is high, meaning the majority of registrants followed through and attended the online business meeting then it is highly likely the purpose of the meeting was clearly communicated to the attendees. The information needed to attend the meeting was easy to understand. The reminders were effective in communicating to the registrants, and the time for the web business meeting was convenient for the participants.

When using Zoom meetings to plan and host your meetings, you can “pre-register” attendees and then send out official email invitations to participants. These invites provide all of the necessary information to access the meetings, including the date, time, purpose of the online business meeting, and the ability to send any relevant documents to the attendee. This email acts as a reminder to participants, and also acts as a quick reference for attendees. Other business web meeting platforms do not provide the same ease of inviting attendees, and can be confusing to participants, resulting in the actual number of attendees declining in relation to the number of registrants.

3 – Number of Attendees Who Participate in Entirety

The number of people who are in attendance at the start of the online business meeting, versus the number of people who are in attendance at the end of the meeting is also important. This will give you an idea of the number of people who stayed throughout the entire meeting, and the number of people who saw the entire presentation. With the nature of people’s busy schedules, it is not uncommon for a few people to leave the online conference early; however, high number of participants leaving the meeting early indicates a problem which you need to address. Were there connection issues resulting in attendees not being able to participate in the meeting effectively? Did the presentation hold the attendees attention? Was the information presented relevant to the attendees, and did it prove to deliver what was promised in the advertising of the online meeting? If you are lacking in any one of these areas, it is possible for attendees to leave the online web conference meeting before the end of the presentation.

Zoom also allows for a number of collaboration and information screen sharing tools to help ensure the meeting is effective. Participants can “raise their hand” and ask questions of the speaker without interrupting the presentation. The ability for all participants to see a PowerPoint presentation, video, or other vital information to the presentation is easily made possible through screen sharing software. As a result, the participants have a visual reference to also follow, which helps to keep their attention throughout the entire presentation. When the chat feature is also active, participants can communicate with one another without talking over the speaker, including the ability to file share information. This helps to reduce the number of verbal side conversations, which can create background noise and distract other participants. But it also allows for participants to be able to take note of information which is specifically relevant to them.

4 – Return on Your Investment

This number may not be as easy for you to determine. For instance, if your goal was to provide all of your employees with information, which required every employee to complete a task after the online video meeting, the number of employees who completed the task would be reflective of how much of a return you obtained by holding the meetings. If the purpose of your web online  meeting is to provide customers information about a new product, provide demonstrations, and provide information on how they can order the new product, the number of customers who purchase the new goods or services would help you to determine how much of a return on your investment you achieved. If the numbers which reflect your return on your investment give you the result you expected, then you know the promotion of your online business meeting and the content satisfied your purpose. But if you want to see these numbers improve, by identifying opportunities to improve in your promotions or your delivery of content, you can see a better return on your investment.

Online web conferencing can be a great tool for seeing an increase in sales numbers as well as in customer satisfaction. The use of Zoom Meetings allows for customers to interact with your sales and customer service team similar to the same way in which they would if they were face to face with one another. As a result, customers get the same personalised service they were once accustomed to, without requiring your workforce to travel to the customers’ locations or the customer to come to you. As a result, when an online web conference is executed effectively, the return on investment can be seen in sales numbers as well as in customer satisfaction rates. However, if the web conference is poorly executed, these numbers will also be negatively reflected. Having a unified communications platform which is designed for the best online conference software experience can help ensure the meeting is a success.


There are always ways in which you can improve your online web conferencing experiences. The most important way to identify where improvement is needed is to look at the data. There are a number of ways in which you can use online web conferencing analytics to measure your success. If you are not seeing the number of registrants and attendees you had hoped for, by improving your promotion efforts, you can see the numbers of registrants and attendees increase. If you see a significant number of attendees drop off before the end of the virtual online business meeting, by ensuring the content is relevant to the attendees, and the meeting also clearly communicates what you intend, you will be able to improve the number of attendees who remain throughout the entire conference. When these numbers increase, the result should also be for the return on your investment to see an increase.

In addition, if your current online web conferencing numbers are not reflecting the success you were hoping for, it may be necessary to look at the platform you are using to determine if the platform is helping or hindering your results. If your online business meetings platform is not making it possible for you to reach your goals, Zoom meetings may be the solution. Zoom is designed to allow you to invite attendees, provide the information necessary for their participation, make it possible to effectively run business video meetings, and engages participants so the return on your investment is seen. To find out how Zoom can meet your online video business meetings needs, or to see what additional features are available to current Zoom customers, our team is ready to help you meet your online conference goals.

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