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Selecting Collaboration Software and what You should be considering when setting your strategy.

When you are defining your strategy, aligning your team’s needs, the topology of your network, and the uses case to drive success there are a lot of moving parts. The three mandatory care criteria for virtual meetings, video conferences and instant messaging are quality audio, quality screen share and quality video. If you don’t have these in all situation your users are in and they are not easily used, then your adoption and overall goals will not be achieved. This will mean your financial drivers from cost to the benefits of collaboration will hold your business or organisation back. Make sure you have a set framework for your entire unified communications strategy.

Understanding where are your teams are located and how they will be joining or hosting meetings is a first starting point.

Your staff can join using mobility solutions or from any computer they may have or engage using high definition room based conferencing. Understanding the different variables and network conditions, let alone the savings in gathering people together for all aspects

·         Same building or different levels

·         Multiple offices

·         Working from home

·         Working remotely

·         Multiple countries

·         Globally dispersed

What you Need to Know about successfully enabling your teams and staff when collaborating

  • Time critical activities for deliverables within your business
  • Not losing anything in translation when on a telephone call rather than screen sharing or video face to face to identify if people are focused
  • Getting personalisation in your meetings with virtual face to face meetings with high quality audio
  • People retain more information when on video or you can share visual information with them
  • Using white boards for visualisation or annotation with online meetings drive organisational productivity
  • Mitigate security and compliance risks with capabilities that meet the highest standards. Proven interoperability should also be top of mind, to help you protect your current investments and provide a migration path to new technologies. Ensure interoperability with existing investments with standards-based solutions and a converged data.
  • Managing your voice and video network infrastructure to handle your unified communications strategy and video conferencing software and hardware set up.

Why Migrate to the Latest Version of Holisitc’s Zoom video conferencing & Unified Communications Platform?

Zoom meetings software being an all in one web conferencing solution lets you take advantage of the best quality most advanced collaboration features, and is easier to manage and use than ever. It delivers:

● Enhanced meeting software management dashboard for making sure all features, such as video, screen share and audio are always working

● Single sign on and self-provisioning user management to help staff set up applications for their desktops and phones and other collaboration devices or form factors

● SSL (encryption) is available for client who need superior security features to make staff securely meet or conference when using voice, screen share content, video and messaging

● One eco-system for fast b2c (business to customer) or b2b (business-to-business) collaboration to any devices and video conference systems including hardware interoperability which is easy to use

● Enterprise licencing options for any sized business which allows for simpler user adoption and user management with no limitation on how many devices each user has

● Record to the cloud or to your desktop or defined drives. Share your meetings or recording at a later time easily and record in MP4 format. The cloud lets you record from any device, anywhere.

Do you have a clear understanding of the use cases across your organisation and the use cases for clients and business partners?

When you have clearly defined use cases from all divisions of your company or organisation (for private or government entities), this can make the difference between success and failure. You do not want to limit your users, or create boundaries which they cannot work out of. The below is like an upside-down pyramid when understanding user numbers and volume of meetings based on the number of participants:

·         small groups for 1 – 3 users

·         medium groups 4 – 12 users

·         large groups 13 – 20 users

·         training groups 20 – 200 users

·         Very large groups 200 – 500

·         entire company for announcements up to 10,000 users / participants

What do you clients and business partners really want when collaborating

When defining your use cases across your organisation it is important to ask your teams, and just as important to ask your clients and partners how they like to communicated or collaborate. For example, I was working with multiple lines of business (LOB’s) across a large fund manager with team all over the region. They believed they were mainly looking for a meetings software provider who could assist them with their office to office communications only. When we investigated, their client facing teams, like the high net worth client team. The client relationship managers were definite that the clients would only want to come into a branch to have their updates, strategy meetings, or investment or portfolio discussion in person. Once we reached out to the clients directly to find out their preferred method for engaging with their advisors, it was a resounding yes, to online web conferencing or video meetings software. They were already using such solutions and many stated, why would I waste a day to come to see a person for an hour, if I am travelling in the bungle bungle’s in Western Australia, or if I was working, interstate, internationally or even at home. They were sophisticated users of technology. Aligning internal needs to client needs can dramatically impact your business revenue, profit and growth ambitions. Don’t be left behind with your IT strategy when it comes to video meetings and instant messaging systems you are looking at for your 3-5-year road-map.

Understand all your participant’s internet connectivity when it comes to having great secure online meetings.

When it comes to being the IT team and supporting the staff in your organisation, no matter if level 1 or 2 help desk or higher up IT spurt, you need the best online meeting software tools you can get for monitoring your team’s performance. Getting a clearer view of the devices or desktops which your meetings users are connected from is necessary in order to accurately ascertain the situation of any meetings. You can see if there is any jitter on the connections of any participant, and packet loss in the transition between any host and participant. If you need to help a meeting live, then the best IT dashboard and controls are definitely from Zooms integrated video conference IT dashboard, which comes as part of the solution for business and enterprise subscribers.

Holistic can unlock all the collaboration needs in your organisation which may cover main areas, like:

·         Physical Room based Video conferencing with proximity integration

·         Collaboration from internal networks to External participants with HD video and screen share

·         Hold meetings whilst on the go from your mobile phones or tablets

·         Instant messaging and group chat for all users

·         Add other zoom users to your contact group for easier collaboration with your partners and clients

·         Invite H323 SIP video conference users into any meeting as standard for business and enterprise

·         Desktop meetings or laptops

·         Have 50 users as standard, or 100, 200, 500 users.

·         Webinars for up to 10,000 participants all with the best and same quality

·         Conferencing calls and free dial in for over 65 countries

No matter how you look at it, Holistic and Logitech are providing the best quality and easiest to use video web conferencing system there is on the market, at the best value. Ask for a free trial today to see it for yourself.

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