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Zoom – An Amazing Virtual Business Solution! Meet more, collaborate more, sell more, conference more and service more!

Video conferencing and web conferencing are becoming more relevant everyday as businesses expand and open offices all over the world. Zoom all in one unified communications system is an easy to use system that allows you to work from anywhere in the world with anyone in the world. There are many advantages to use Zoom from the savings to collaboration. This system also has the best resolution to allow for uninterrupted and crystal clear meetings. Zoom has several different features that make it possible to share information in real time. Some meeting tools that are popular are whiteboard, screen sharing, audio conferencing, video meetings and document sharing.

Zoom can be used in any industry for several different applications. Another great aspect of this online service is how it can replace legacy web or on-premise systems. Zoom also gives you the advantage of being able to use the service on any device, with any video conference room solution including H.323/SIP. This is a real asset for several reasons that will be explained in due time. Zoom is very competitive in the way of pricing. We suggest you ask us how cheap and how much value you can get from Zoom over any other solution you have or are doing due diligence one. Free services are available; however, they can be plagued with problems. When it comes to total cost of ownership, you need to take the entire picture into your equation when evaluating. You want to make certain that you are making the best possible choice when choosing a web conferencing or video meeting service.


  1. Economically Zoom meeting solution is your best option

Travel costs have done nothing but rise for several years now. These costs can include airfare, car rental, food, and room rentals. Sometimes this can be for more than one person at a time. It can cost a company millions of dollars to send their employees all over the world for meetings, conferences and business deals. While it is still the best option to close deals in person, all of the meetings leading up to the closing can be done over video meetings or web conferences. There are also other costs associated with holding meetings in person, like lunch for everyone attending the meeting.

If you add more virtual meetings in line with your real in person meetings you will be more effective than your competitors, or more effective in delivering your services or desired results, especially when it comes to not-for-profit and government departments. There is also the fact that at times you may need to have several people in the meeting. Economically this can be terrible or at the least slow down your progress of a needed activity or task. If you need to host several hundred participants in one venue, you would likely need to rent an outside space to hold the meeting. These are all different ways that can drive up costs for companies. Being able to hold video meetings, video conferences, or large conference calls with a big number of participants can help for sure.

Holding virtual meetings can also improve how your team works. As previously stated travel can be expensive but most of all it takes time. Waiting in line at the airport, flying, driving to the venue and many other aspects can add time to your employees’ day. Being able to open the Zoom app or access it from the website can save a great deal of time. This in turn will help with productivity and cost.

  1. What can you do with Zoom rooms conferencing software?

There is a plethora of ways that you can use Zoom rooms to aid in video meetings or web conferencing. Once you and the other participants have entered the meeting room, there are several ways to work together or individually during the meeting. During the meeting you can use screen sharing to show others a webpage or icon on your device. This works both ways so that anyone participating can screen share or document share. You can use instant messaging. This application would be very useful in a classroom type setting. If you are using Zoom to instruct a group of students, instant messaging can be used one on one with students if they have questions and they do not want to disrupt the lesson. You can also have your students share their work simultaneously. This would allow you to do virtual group projects with your students. You are also given access to their mouse. You can then guide them exactly where they need to go and not even be in the same room as them.

Using whiteboard allows for document collaboration. Again this is another useful classroom tool. If you are trying to show a student how to work on a problem, you can both write or mark on the document. Document sharing, screen sharing, and instant messaging will make certain that you and your students can work the best together in a virtual room. I have never found a better value video conferencing room software solution which has better quality or usability than Zoom rooms video conferencing.

Zoom rooms can also be used for event hosting or tutorials. There are direct sale businesses that have employees all over the world. They often host events where they give the latest information on products, rally their employees, and do monthly giveaways. Hosting these events take time and can be expensive. Direct sale companies use Zoom rooms to host these events to host their hundreds of employees at once.

One does not need to be particularly tech savvy to use this service. It is very simple and the technical solutions are great. They are reliable and can be reached by phone, email, and letter if need be. This makes certain that if you ever run into any troubles, the Holisitc team can help you out of your problem.

  1. Being able to see the details with the best resolution and performance

Zoom’s meeting software has some of the best resolutions on the market. The video quality is shown in 4K or HD video. You want to be able to see the participants that you are having your meeting with. The software scales images making them easier to read. If you were to share more than one document at a time, scaling the image would make certain that it is the right size and resolution for everyone to read or look over. The software is also very reliable. This also helps with screen sharing and document sharing because you need to be able to make out what you are trying to see on the screen.

You also want what you are sharing with your participants to be visible. This can be best applied when giving lesson plans to students or financial statements to your team. You want to be able to look at a student’s paper critically and in order to do so the screen would need to be clear. Besides documents you can also share photos and videos.

Zoom also offers HD voice. Being able to hear what is being said is the most important part of a meeting. If you cannot hear what is being said it can hold up a meeting when people are asked to repeat themselves.

  1. Getting the best quality and resolution with any device with apps

Zoom apps works on many devices. This makes it very versatile and convenient. It can be used on personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. It also does not discriminate because of the name. It works with Android apps, Apple apps, and Microsoft desktop apps. No matter what device you use, you will always get the same quality and performance.  This allows for versatility. If you work on Apple products but whomever you are meeting with uses Android products, it makes no difference. If you are a lawyer and need to receive documents while you are in court from your office, Zoom video meeting apps can be your best solution. Being a lawyer you are also very busy and not always able to make it to meetings. If you are stuck on one side of town and your meeting is on the other, you can take a video meeting wherever and whenever you need to.

A plus to the Zoom service is being able to use them with any hardware. As long as your device can hook up to your old conference room equipment, then you can use Zoom. Enter the IP address and meeting number and you can begin your meeting. It really is that simple!

  1. Security is important for business and enterprise unified communications

Meetings are usually a way that information is shared with many people in an organization or company. This does not exclude the government. Government officials hold top secret and other types of meetings regularly. As it has been stated previously, travel can be costly and government officials fly all over the world. Security is also very important to the government. Being able to hold top secret virtual meetings is a must. Zoom can be used to help with web meetings that you know will be safe and secure.

If you are using the document sharing tool, you also know that no one else, except your intended recipients, will have access to this document. This is important for law firms as well. They can share documents with lawyers in their office or if they need to send documents quickly to a client. The document sharing tool is actually great for any business. Most companies do not want their internal files to be public, so using Zoom ensures that they will have the security they need to help run their business.

  1. Free is not always the best bet system to choose

Using products or services for free can be great at times. It is not always the best way to operate. Using only the free functions of an application or service does not get you all of the tools you would need to work with your team. When using free services only, you cannot host an enormous amount of people, you have a time limit and you do not have access to other great features. Some free services only allow up to 100 participants. This can be awful depending on how many people you need to have in the meeting. If you use free services you cannot screen share or use whiteboard. These are both tools that are essential to the success of web meetings or video conferencing.

Quality can also be another problem when you do not invest in what is needed. If you or your team is finding it difficult to use the user interface of the software, then you will have difficulties with your web meeting or video conference. Zoom offers quality service for a reasonable rate that is competitive!

  1. Legacy systems are outdated and have lost their usefulness

Legacy systems take up space in conference rooms around the globe and collect dust. Technology changes rapidly and can be costly to upgrade. While the systems have been useful in the past, they are now outdated and can be difficult to use. One reason this hardware is not preferred anymore is that the pool of people who can run the legacy system is growing smaller. Sometimes only one individual in the office knows how to set up and run the equipment. This puts everyone at a disadvantage if this person were to leave the company or call out one day. This will cost time on your end and your client’s end. Due to their age, these older systems can at times be unreliable and not work properly. They can go out during a meeting or right before a huge video conference with important people. Occasionally, if only a few parts begin to wear and break, depending on what they are, they can be difficult to find and expensive. While companies generally built unexpected expenses into their budget, does not mean that it would not be a hit to the budget.

Another aspect to this would be the time it would take to maintain the system. You need your team working on projects and their tasks you gave them. Not trying to make outdated hardware work. Putting in brand new conference equipment is very costly. In order for you to obtain the same quality that Zoom can give you, you would likely need to spend tens of thousands of dollars. It also takes time to remove the old hardware and install the new.

There are many ways you can use Zoom to your advantage. They have the best video around offering both 4K and HD video for all conferencing and meeting system. Nothing is more versatile for all business and enterprise meetings, with the highest possible quality video and audio at all times. There is a reason zoom is now top 3 in Gartner and about to take the lead. Video and performance and mobility have become the corner stone of modern communication systems and the application which control participants needs. Being able to see presentations in a crystal-clear image makes the experience feel more real and you can collaborate better. Zoom will save you money in travel expenses and legacy system updates. The tools are plentiful and allow for easy sharing on many fronts. This service is user friendly, a great cost, and will help you have the best virtual meetings.

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