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How can you make the virtual online business meeting run like a real in person meeting by using Zoom web meetings Software?

Zoom, a Unified Online Communications Platform, is by far the best tool to conduct online video conferences and virtual  meeting. Here is a list of things that can make it your online collaboration and meetings useful and productive.

  1. Prepare yourself for the virtual online business meeting

As is the case with any meetings, an agenda needs to be prepared in advance. The agenda helps to ensure the virtual online business meeting stays focused, and you are able to be well prepared for the meeting. Also make sure to take notes and write down anything you need to share with the meeting participants as a bullet point on the agenda. Zoom helps you communicate with all your participants beforehand and you can discuss the points of agenda if you want to have their input as well.

  1. Background setting

Take into consideration the background which will be visible virtual online business meeting to participants within the view of the camera. Not only do you need to keep it clean and tidy, but also make sure you do not have any glare from a window, lighting issues which may make it difficult for the camera. Make sure to look at the table, the background wall or window, your accessories beside you, all of them should be kept in order. It doesn’t take long to tidy up things, and can make your meeting come across as more professional. Since Zoom’s video quality is HD, any video feed will display even the littlest mess in the corner of your table. In addition, proper lighting arrangements can enhance the view from your side.

  1. Keep the distractions away

If you are working from a busy office, take the time to close the door. If working in a cubicle setting, find a quiet location, where background noise will not become a distraction. If working from home or from a hotel room, keep in mind the sights and sounds around you will also be picked up by the video camera and microphone. Close doors, stay away from noisy pets or other people in the area, and turn off the television, radio, and any phones to reduce any distractions.

  1. Etiquettes

Virtual online business meeting applications have reduced the need for meeting participants to travel to a centralized location. But they are not intended to be any less professional than a regular face-to-face meeting. As a result, you will need to make sure you follow the same etiquette you would when in a virtual meeting as you would in a face-to-face meeting. Introduce the virtual online business meeting participants. Make sure to stick to the meeting agenda, and be aware of the time. Do not talk over other meeting participants, and remember to mute and un-mute your microphone if you are in an area where there is excess background noise to reduce distractions to other meeting participants.

  1. Be Attentive

Zoom provides you the best online conference and meeting platform. You can get the best of out of it by paying heed to what’s going on. Keep your eyes open and ears attentive. When you are in a meeting, be watchful, lest you miss any part of the proceedings.  Every piece of info is important. Face expressions, gestures, and other paralanguage features mean a lot.

  1. Let Everyone Have Their Say

Remember online meetings don’t have to be sermon sessions. When meeting online, make certain that all participants have their share of the activity. Listen to everyone and let them feel that they are being heard and are active participants.

  1. Use Reliable Devices And Connections

Zoom, without doubt, is a reliable platform for business web conferenceing and virtual online business meeting. But please make sure that the hardware that you are using is trustworthy and will keep you going. Internet connection is also another factor that contributes to the “life like” experience of online meetings. To get the best out of zoom, use dependable devices and unfailing internet.

  1. Fix Convenient Time

Arranging the right time for virtual online business meeting is one of the most important factors. Make sure that the time suits to everyone of your participants. The time of the day, duty hours, availability and willingness must keep in mind before planning online gatherings.

  1. Knowledge of How To Use Zoom.

To make the best use of Zoom, all participants should have fair knowledge of how zoom works. It’s very easy to use. However it has many features and facets. The only thing you need to do is to ask your participants to have a look at its features in your version. Video demonstrations, FAQs, and detailed feature demos are available online. It would take little time to go through them. Awareness of the features can make your virtual online business meeting, an in person meeting.

  1. Don’t Make It Too Formal

The over formal and studious environment does not bring the best out of the members. The element of ease should prevail and the pompous rituals should not be endorsed in an online environment. The scholastic environment becomes boring and tiresome. Accept the participants as they are. The purpose of Online Video conferencing is to bring ease. That should always be kept in mind.

  1. Have Fun

In general formal meetings, whether in person or online, can often come across as boring. Try to find some way to include an opportunity to keep the meeting more enjoyable. A harmless joke in the meeting won’t destroy your agenda; rather it would ease the environment and bring in more attention from the participants. Use a PowerPoint presentation or a video clip to help keep the meeting participants’ attention. It isn’t necessary for the meeting to be viewed as boring in order to be able to communicate what is necessary to the participants.

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