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Do you need a free online meetings solution for voice, video and screen share? If yes, look no further! Holistic Communications and their services will get you started so that all your employees can start working like polished professionals.

Avail our free trial offer before you spend any money and try us out!

We will arrange for you the best quality video conferencing, audio feeds and screen share through the Zoom software. This solution is on a free trial basis.

Now, all your audio, group chat, Instant Messaging, video conferencing, business collaboration and online web meeting needs will be fulfilled. Our services include provision of Zoom Cloud Meetings and they will help you reduce the cost of overall online web conferencing.

Why Holistic Communications?

There are several solutions out there in the market that are in the business of providing online meeting practices for business users. Many of them will be meeting your business needs but they may not be fulfilling all the needs of your mobile staff and your external quests. Some may well for internal meetings while others may work for external meetings.

Zoom meetings offers you a platform that brings in the latest technology, using the latest codecs to ensure that you can use it in all working environments and all the time. It is the first software of its kind that has defined the architecture of video conferencing. As a business owner, you will now be able to leverage the Cloud infrastructure or you can opt to have a hybrid solution on your business premises, depending on your individual needs. You can avail of multiple services and modules that you can buy at any stage in the future with Zoom License. Among its features are Business Instant Messaging (IM), video webinars, Developer Platform and Application Programming Interfaces and Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing.

Instant Messaging for Business

This feature from Zoom meetings platform allows you to chat openly with your team and send instant messages to communicate effectively in order to expedite your projects and transfer both knowledge and skills easily. You can do this from your desktop, smart phone or your tablet and make sure that you are in touch with your staff, regardless of where you may be working from.

Send Larger Files

You will now have the ability to send files that are larger than 512 MB while you chat. You will not have any restriction that people are generally confined through their emails. The ability to search and store your messages makes it convenient for all concerned. you can trace conversations and ideas that you may have discussed with important members of your staff or your clients.

Software for Screen Sharing

Zoom software gives you the facility of screen sharing for your desktop. You can share your screen now with sound. This is encouraging for presenting promotional and sales videos that your clients and your meeting attendees will be able to hear, regardless of how they would be connected. You can also share your screen from your smart phones and tablets. This sharing also includes annotation.

Zoom Rooms

Holistic Communications offers you Zoom Rooms. It is the first software which is for a defined room-based video conferencing system in the world. You can also avail of the additional benefit of delivering wireless global audio conferencing and screen sharing for business meeting rooms. You will have the ability to have an instant meeting with a simple click of your Android or an iOS tablet. You will also have to control your meetings by muting, controlling lights and blinds, reusing existing televisions, computers, projectors, webcams or microphones in your Zoom Room, which can support up to three touch screens.

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