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Zooms online teleconferencing software has been systematically easing somewhat complex processes in many different industries. One of the greatest benefits is Zoom’s geographical reach. It doesn’t matter where in the world you have to be, work does not have to come to halt thanks to Zooms online virtual collaboration tools. Sales teams can still be trained very efficiently in real-time through virtual training using virtual conferencing software.

An interesting fact

  • One of the first examples of virtual video training are ‘flight simulators’

Zooms online video conferencing solutions seamlessly help create a virtual training environment in which the sales team can learn valuable information. Depending on the company, new product launches can take place every year, every few months or even every few weeks. With the vast number of products being launched, it is imperative to successfully train your sales team to make your product launch memorable.

What happens when you are based in a remote location and you still have to train your sales team?

Online collaboration tools, like those provided by Zoom, makes it possible to run live virtual training sessions irrespective of which far corner of the world you are based in. High definition online viewing capabilities makes whiteboard sessions between the team leader and sales team run seamlessly, everyone has clear view of important notes and facts that have been noted down about the product at hand.

Brainstorming sessions are just as interactive as actually physically being in the boardroom. Everyone can make contributions and come to decisions about a way forward as a unit. Instant messaging services for business allows more time for the sales team to interact with one another outside of the virtual conference setting. By having the ability to message across platforms and also easily share files, the team is not limited by any time constraints in order to keep the ideas for the new product launch continually flowing. This increases the teams’ productivity greatly and will have a ripple effect into the successful launch of the new product.

Massive cost saving effects

Up to 500 online video participants ensures that the entire team, no matter where they are in the world, can easily participate in the training sessions. This has massive cost saving effects. The team does not need to travel across the globe for training. This in turn saves time, time which can then be invested in having the best product launch possible. Online meeting updates can be made with ease to superiors who can now give continuous input into the sales teams efforts. This cuts out the need for special in-house meetings, which can become very time consuming. The focus remains on the product and the important training that is needed, to make its launch have an even greater impact.

We live in a fast paced world

New products come and go and are forgotten just as easily. Zoom’s online web meetings and social media integration capabilities, ensures that your product will be remembered long after it has hit the market.

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