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Get Ready to Organise Extensive Virtual Presentations

When your company is getting ready to organise an extensive virtual presentation, there are a number of things your IT department needs to take into consideration for your web conference. The most obvious first decision for your company is to determine what web conference software platform you will be using. Your company may have already used options like Webex or Skype for business, but have found these options not quite adding up for the larger scale presentation you need to organise. Zoom meetings can address your company’s needs for a wide variety of options for hosting meetings of different sizes, without requiring your IT department to overhaul your software or hardware to be able to do so.

Select the Web conference Options to Meet Your Needs

The first thing you need to determine is the number of attendees you plan on inviting, and then the meeting type which would be most beneficial for hosting the size of audience you plan on hosting. Zoom meetings offers the following options to choose from:

  • Video Conference – This type of meeting is ideal for smaller group of attendees, usually less than 10 at one time. It is ideal for when your team needs to meet together face to face, but it eliminates the need for everyone to travel to meet together. As a result, this type of meeting is not ideal for extensive virtual presentations.
  • Webinar – This type of meeting allows for a larger number of participants. Zoom offers up to 100 interactive attendees to engage in a webinar, and has options for anywhere from 100 to 10,000 view only attendees to participate in the meeting.
  • Broadcast – To allow others to view the presentation, the webinar can also be viewed through other platforms like Facebook live or YouTube. This option allows for a limitless number of viewing participants, and is ideal for when you want to present to a broad audience.

Organising Your Location

Once you have determined which of these three options best meets the needs of your extensive virtual presentation, you can begin to organise the physical location you plan on hosting the meeting from. The web conference software offered by Zoom offers the ability for a company to set up for a meeting quickly. However, there are still a number of things which need to be in place for a meeting to run smoothly. These will need to be set up not only for the host, but also at any location where participants are going to be located. If your company has already used Zoom meetings in the past, the majority of these are already in place, but just to recap, the items needed include:

  • High speed internet access
  • Outlets to run equipment
  • Computer with the web conference software installed
  • Webcams, speakers, and monitors to view the presentation
  • Any additional seating for participants to sit and view the presentation

Other Things to Consider 

One reason you may not have been happy with other meeting options, may be because of the quality of the meetings you have experienced in the past. The video may have been unclear or fuzzy. The sound may have been distorted or the speaker difficult to hear. Even if your company has access to high quality cameras and microphones for the host to use, it may not have solved the issue, leaving the host and the other meeting participants frustrated. When looking to do a larger scale meeting, where it is important to clearly communicate your message to a large number of participants, as effectively as possible, it is particularly important to make sure the different kinds of unified communication platforms you are using ensures all participants have the same high definition viewing and listening experience. Zoom meetings provides a unified communications platform which ensures every participant has the ability to experience the meeting in high definition, making them feel like they are in the same room with the presenter.

Conducting the Meeting

When you are ready to conduct the meeting, keep in mind your viewing audience. Show that you value their time, and like a traditional smaller scale meeting, follow an agenda and stay on track. Doing so helps to make sure all participants know the purpose of the meeting from the very start. By doing so, everyone will know why they are at the meeting and come away from the meeting knowing exactly what they are expected to do next. Also make sure you identify the presenters and the department or their job title for the participants. Doing so helps to build a rapport with the attendees and allows them to see how each presenter fits into the function of the company as a whole.

The use of Zoom video conferencing makes this process very easy as the video and audio from a meeting can easily be saved, along with any items shared through screen sharing ensuring no information is missed. Lastly, make sure you close your meeting with specific action items or follow up tasks for participants. Doing so ensures all participants come away from the meeting knowing how to apply the information they were just given to their day to day operations.


If you are looking at conducting an extensive virtual presentation in the near future, start by looking at your current web conference software options. If your current software options do not enhance your meeting experience, meet the demands for a large number of participants, or leave you feeling like they are not worth the large amount of finances you have invested in the software, Zoom meeting is the option for a webinar or to broadcast your meeting offers solutions to better meet your needs. For customers already using Zoom video conferencing, the platform for hosting larger meetings integrates easily with the features you are already familiar with for smaller meetings.

Zoom customers looking to upgrade their current meeting platform features can talk to our support staff to determine what features your company would most benefit from to host your large scale meetings or webinar. If you have not yet attended a Zoom meeting and you have any additional questions about Zoom’s ability to meet your needs for hosting an extensive virtual presentation, our support staff members are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. We also offer a basic plan which allows you to host unlimited small scale meetings for you to try for an unlimited amount of time to see how Zoom can meet your company’s needs.

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